Dream destinations as far as the eye can see

If you’re like us, your first foray into searching for the perfect cruise begins with a daydream. You sit back in your chair at the office or in your car at a stoplight and picture yourself lounging on a beach, exploring cobbled European streets, visiting remote ports teeming with wildlife, or snapping the perfect panorama from the top of a skyscraper in a far-flung city. You imagine the thrill of new experiences, tastes, and sights. 

It’s time for a vacation. Where to?

See destinations at a glance

Wherever you decide to go, your first stop should be our destination page on cruisewatch.com! You’ll see a clear overview of all possibilities at a glance, and you can go deeper from there. Simply click on a destination name to find more information about it - maps, pictures, ports, current sailings, and more!

Read about what makes certain ports special, what to expect, and why this destination is a must-see. Plus, get inside tips on when to go, what attractions to visit, common cruise characteristics in this location, and an overview of all ports in this destination. Click on a port name to find more information about it.

Find current sailings

Get an overview of current cruise options by checking sailings in and to this destination. In this chart, you can see important information like ports, cruise line and ship, the cruise rating, departure date, trip description and length, and current pricing info for cabins. Pay particular attention to the red prices, as this indicates the price is currently cheaper than average.

Keep an eye on the price

We know price is always a key concern. That’s why, at the bottom of the page, you’ll be able to find the best price drops around the region. When looking at a destination like the Caribbean, you’ll see the best price drops for the Caribbean. Choose a specific port (like Miami cruise port, Fort Lauderdale cruise port, or Port Canaveral cruise port) to see deals for that specific departure point.

Adventure is out there!

Ready to begin your journey? Don’t forget to pack the essentials: toothbrush, towel, and your free MyCruisewatch account, of course! Click here to log in now, or register for your free account to get the most out of every location you visit!