Find Your Favorites

Planning a cruise can be quite the process, especially when looking for a sailing that hits all the right notes. As you’re searching, browsing, or just keeping your eye on what’s available, you’ll likely stumble upon a cruise that catches your eye. Perhaps it’s a ship you’ve always wanted to sail, your favorite line, or an itinerary full of curious or interesting ports. Maybe the dates perfectly coincide with a special occasion or event. Regardless, you’ll want to find a way to save it for yourself later. 

Follow your heart

One of the best parts of finding your ideal cruise (aside from going on the cruise itself!) is finding your favorites. Adding a cruise to your favorites is super easy:

  1. Go to our cruise search and use our search filters to find a promising sailing.
  2. In the top right corner of each cruise tile, you’ll see a heart icon. Click this to add the sailing to your favorites.
  3. Log into your MyCruisewatch account, or register for free with your email address.
  4. All set! This sailing will be saved to your MyCruisewatch account. You can find all your favorites under “Favorites” in your dashboard.

Managing your favorites

Ready to revisit some of your top picks? Simply log in to your MyCruisewatch account and select “Favorites.” This is where each of your top cruises will be saved until you decide to delete them. 

All favorites are visible at a glance, since they’re saved in the original cruise tile format:

What can you do with your favorites?

  • Use the trash can icon to delete a cruise from your favorites. 
  • Get more detailed information about this cruise by clicking on the cruise name. 
  • Set a price alert for this particular sailing to receive custom notifications when prices change.
  • Click on “More actions” to share with friends, compare with other cruises, and book directly from your account.
  • See pricing info for all cabin categories, plus historical price curves and price predictions.


Head for the horizon

Now that you know how to get the most out of your Favorites, what are you waiting for? Click here to start your search for the perfect cruise for you.

Be sure to log in to your MyCruisewatch account for full access to our exclusive services. Not yet a member? Register for your free account now and take advantage of the industry’s best price prediction!