Activating Cruise Price Alerts

Our price alerts are a key feature of our services, which allow you to focus on more important aspects of your cruise search. We use artificial intelligence and big data to monitor all price drops on all sailings across the industry, and notify you in real-time about new cruise deals. It’s a simple, easy, free service that functions with a single core purpose: to make your booking process as hassle-free as possible.

travel planning using cruise price alerts

Why should I use price alerts?

Price alerts have been a fan favorite for years. Here are just a couple of reasons why our customers love them:

  • Market transparency: Get a clear overview of the absolute best cruise deals available at any given moment.

  • Ease of mind: Because the alerts are automatic, all you have to do is configure the settings of your alert, sit back, and relax.

  • 100% free: Our alerts are totally free - all you need to do is register for an account, which is also free. We’ve got something of a pattern going on here.
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How can I use price alerts to get the best cruise deals?

We’ve made it as easy as possible, while still making sure you hold the reins. Whether you’re searching Carnival cruises, Royal Caribbean cruises, Disney cruises, river cruises, or any other type of cruise, simply follow these easy steps:

  1. Go to Find Your Cruise and use our search to find your ideal cruise.
  2. Click the “Price Alert” button:
  3. If you’re not logged in, you’ll be asked to log in with your email and password. If you still need to register, take a minute to create your free account to continue.
  4. Specify what you’d like to be alerted about, including specific cabin categories or room types, price drops, availability. You can also set your budget, so you won’t receive alerts about changes outside your price range. For more details, see the next section.
  5. Your alert is now ready! You can always modify it or delete it in your MyCruisewatch account under “Alerts.”

How specific can I really get?

Let’s put it this way: when we say “complete control,” we really mean it. Take a look at this example:

  • As you can see, the alerts allow you to be as general or specific as you like. Under “Cabin Type,” you can select which cabin category (Interior, Oceanview, Balcony, or Suite) you’d like to receive alerts about. For each cabin category you select, you’ll receive notifications on the price changes affecting the cheapest cabin type in that category. For each detailed cabin type, like “OA”, you get information for this individual type.
  • You can also expand each category by clicking on “show all cabins.” Here you can select which specific room types you would like to be notified about.
  • You can also select the type of change you’ll receive alerts about. Price drops and price increases inform you about changes in price, and you can also choose to be notified when a cruise or cabin type is sold out or available.
  • There is also an option to set your maximum budget. We’ll inform you when prices cross your budget threshold, so if you’re looking for a luxury cruise on a shoestring budget, be sure you define your price point in your alert!
  • Once you’re finished configuring your alert, click “Save price alert.” You’ll begin receiving notifications for the changes you’ve defined in the alert directly to your inbox

Please be sure to add to your email address book so it doesn’t accidentally wind up in your spam folder.

Manage your price alerts

The alert will also be saved under “Alerts” in your MyCruisewatch account, where you can modify it or delete it to be sure you’re getting only the most relevant information and updates for your needs.

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Save up to 80%!

Start our FREE cruise price alerts to never miss a deal again.