When it's time for a break

As far as cruise friendly ports go, Cape Canaveral is right up there. If you visit hoping to mainly relax and catch some rays you'll soon find that there's so much more to do. Warm weather and lovely coastline make it an idyllic place to revel in summertime fun in and around the water. As a matter of fact, there are few settlements in the area, due to the small possibility of flooding. So one can hike around freely at his or her leisure. It's the best way to admire the pristine natural landscape as it is meant to be seen. This isn't to imply that there aren't established attractions, but it is the kind of place where you can feel relieved of societal concerns.

Families are sure to enjoy themselves

One of Cape Canaveral's most defining, and newer, landmarks is the Exploration Tower Experience. It is nestled right by the bridge that takes you to the mainland. This makes it a perfect vantage point for getting a panoramic view of the lay of the land. It's 7 stories high and features an auditorium, exhibition space and even a cafe. For many it's the first stop as one can learn great deal about the surrounding area, including the history of the native cultures and what the ecosystems are all about. Many visitors can balance basking in the natural beauty of the region with fun learning opportunities at attractions. These include the Kennedy Space Center and the U.S. Air Force Space and Missile museum, which people of all ages are sure to find enlightening on all things to do with air and space travel.

Natural sanctuaries

Natural areas are situated all over the Cape and include Manatee Sanctuary Park. It features a boardwalk and is great in general for embarking on walks. Surfers can try their skills at one of the best surfing breaks around at the family-friendly Sebastian-Inlet State Park. Traveling groups also tend to flock to Jetty Park as it offers some of the mort beautiful hiking and holds some of the best waterfront views around.

For beach enthusiasts

If you value your personal space at the beach, you're sure to appreciate the vastness of Cocoa Beach. It snakes in and out of the cape that serve as ideal trekking and fishing opportunities for people of all expertise. Just a short walk from Cocoa beachside is the popular attraction for archeology minded individuals in the form of a large dinosaur museum called the dinosaur store. It's the perfect place to take the kids as it has everything dinosaur related. There are life size replicas to genuine fossils and even a play area called the Adventure zone. For additional family themed fun, groups can head out on a short trip to Orlando where world-class theme parks await.

Find out what lies beyond with cruises out of Port Canaveral

One great thing about Cape Canaveral having such a major, tourist-friendly port is that you can nitpick quite a bit about where you would like to go. From the Port Canaveral cruise terminal, you can venture as far north as French-Canada. Such popular vacation destinations include Montreal and Quebec City. You can also reach ports nestled among untamed natural wildernesses like those of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. These will leave you feeling like an explorer. On your way, Cape Canaveral cruises ensure that you will stop by historically significant cities as well, including Boston, Philadelphia and New York.

The South: a whole new place to discover

In the wintertime, most travelers prefer to head South to seek out sunny weather to leave behind old man winter. Port Canaveral cruises are a real gateway for most. All of the biggest lines stop by Central American and Caribbean countries, and consequently picturesque and idyllic beaches. They look as though they are straight out of a dream. It's a real treat to awake in a new country with a new culture. Paired with the luxury of Royal, Norwegian and Carnival cruise lines and it's a winning combination. An amenity-filled getaway is quite typical of cruises from Orlando.

Things you can do in Port Canaveral