5* Dining with Holland America Lines

All the Holland America Line ships are extremely comfortable, as well as quite spacious, and they have a broad appeal along with a classy charm. Here, you can eat in five-star diners and restaurants, take part in the numerous activities that the ship has to offer if you are bored, and experience what award-winning services truly mean.

The ship has some form of entertainment for all age groups; older people can sit and relax in the different lounges and bars, try out their luck in the casinos, or relax in a spa. Meanwhile, the younger generation can spend their time in the kids or teens club.

Delighting Passengers for more than a Century

The Holland America cruises are well known as, perhaps, one of the excellent cruise lines available because it continuously strives to provide the guests with the best experience. Holland America Line cruises have been successfully delighting its passengers for more than a century, and every passenger has been left in awe because of its stylish and traditional approach. The cruise line has also received various awards thus proving its excellence.

For Families, Couples and Singles

The cruise is focused mainly on family and couples which is why there is a plethora of activities for the two groups. However, the cruise also focuses on individuals eager to learn. The cruise provides cooking classes along with an onboard library and an internet café.

Discover every Continent on more than 500 sailings

The Holland America Line cruise consists of mid-sized ships each equipped with remarkable and the friendliest fleet. Despite the activities and services, the cost of the cruise ranges from low to moderate prices. More than 500 sailings visit every continent each year. The luxury ships sail to over 280 ports in all seven continents. More tours and ships are being added each year and cruises to famous destinations like Canada, Alaska, Europe, and the Caribbean have also been added.

© Traveloscopy via Flickr
Passengers 1380
Crew 650
Build in 2000
Trips available 68
Price drop this week -8%
© Traveloscopy via Flickr
Passengers 2104
Crew 929
Build in 2008
Trips available 114
Price drop this week -29%
Passengers 2650
Crew 1025
Build in 2016
Trips available 309
Price drop this week -33%
Passengers 1266
Crew 557
Build in 1993
Trips available 26
Price drop this week -7%
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Nieuw Amsterdam
Passengers 2106
Crew 929
Build in 2020
Trips available 278
Price drop this week -31%
Nieuw Statendam
Passengers 2106
Crew 929
Build in 2010
Trips available 126
Price drop this week -32%
Passengers 1924
Crew 820
Build in 2006
Trips available 233
Price drop this week -29%
Passengers 1918
Crew 800
Build in 2003
Trips available 77
Price drop this week -25%
Passengers 835
Crew 470
Build in 1988
Trips available 0
Price drop this week n/a
Passengers 1404
Crew 620
Build in 1997
Trips available 98
Price drop this week -24%
Passengers 1258
Crew 602
Build in n/a
Trips available 35
Price drop this week -3%
Passengers 1258
Crew 557
Build in n/a
Trips available 0
Price drop this week n/a
Passengers 1348
Crew 561
Build in 1996
Trips available 61
Price drop this week -14%
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Passengers 1432
Crew 650
Build in 1999
Trips available 322
Price drop this week -20%
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Passengers 1916
Crew 817
Build in 2004
Trips available 59
Price drop this week -26%
Passengers 1432
Crew 650
Build in 2000
Trips available 91
Price drop this week -27%
Passengers 1848
Crew 800
Build in 2002
Trips available 77
Price drop this week -23%