A visually engrossing coast with many stories to tell

As a city of countless immigrants there are many sides to NYC. It has an immense history bringing people and goods over across the Atlantic. Today, it comprises of 240 miles of shipping lanes and 2 foreign-trade zones. This is how all the commerce passes through. And this is partly why its waterways are a real treat for the seafaring traveler. Visitors can appreciate the aesthetics its beautiful coastline has to offer. Most cruises NYC offers pass through this port pass by the New York Blight, which is the best way to arrive as it is nestled between the majestic peninsulas of Rockaway (Rockaway Beach) and Sandy Hook. Enriching culture is abundant here, which means there's always something to do. Whether you're a keen observer who loves to learn, or would just like to make the most out of a romantic getaway, NYC has you covered.

Points of Interest

Times Square- This hugely recognizable landmark has changed considerably over the years, for the better. Today, it is a feast for the eyes thanks to massive billboards and a wealth of shopping. There are also ample restaurants and theaters. These opportunities invite one to reflect on the history of such a culturally significant city.

Broadway and Shubert Alley- People come from all over the world to get dressed up and enjoy this part of the city. The reason being, some of the best theater money can buy. It ranges from classics that have been playing for years to more modern productions that are at the vanguard of the art. Here you can actually feel theater culture in the air. This is thanks in large part to two well known playhouses that have encouraged lovely neighborhood aesthetics.

Other places to get to know

Rockefeller Center. This is the place to get a strong sense of where entertainment, particularly television, is made. It's a titan of entertainment. You can take a tour of major TV and radio studios such as NBC.And afterwards you can browse through the surrounding shopping complex.

Fifth Avenue- This is where many New Yorkers head to when they want to get something truly special for a loved one. Top designers in the world sell their creations in this most premier of shopping areas. From high-end jewelry to fashion that's on the cutting edge, it's worth swinging by.

Metropolitan Museum of Art (or the Met)- If you like to feel like you're traveling back in time, this is the place to go. This more than a century old museum houses more than 2 million works of art, which are on display in a myriad of forms.

At last but not least

The Guggenheim- To see what's happening today in the world of contemporary art, you can't go wrong with the latest exhibitions at this most peculiar of buildings. However for reference you can also admire the works of famed artists such as Kandinsky, Picasso and Monet.

Cruises from NY: choose the trip you want

New York City doesn't offer the most cruises in the country, but it's close. This means you can choose cruises from NYC that works best for you, as well as ensures that you'll be traveling with like-minded individuals. For instance, some of the most popular NY cruises mainly 6-9 days- duration head out to the Caribbean. These make stops at absolutely picturesque ports like San Juan, Puerto Rico and Labadee Haiti, which offer idyllic exploring opportunities. For cruises from New York, the main destination is Canada and the East Coast, followed by the Caribbean, and consequently serve as wonderful opportunities to get to know the largely untamed coastlines. Among cruises NYC are New Brunswick while making stops in tourist-friendly East Coast cities with evocative quaintness and historical significance such as Maine's Portland.

Something that said about cruise lines

 A great NY cruise line like Norwegian, Cunard and Princess is able to craft itinerary cruises out of New York that invite passengers to uncover a piece of their world. One can appreciating how ports and cities change with the landscape. For instance, thanks to cruises from New York one can head to Boston, then North to Halifax and Sydney (Nova Scotia), and then come upon the cultural changes French Canadian cities have to offer.

Things you can do in New York City