Indoor and Outdoor Activities for Anyone

The Cunard ship provides you with services that create a pleasant atmosphere and make your journey an unforgettable one. It offers both indoor and outdoor activities for people of all ages. There is a sports court, fine art gallery, book shop, internet café, and casinos to entertain the passengers.

At night, you get to gather up with fellow voyagers and enjoy the nightlife at Cunard. The Cunard Cruise Lines also feature a movie theater, music and much more. You get to taste some extremely delicious and spicy food items i.e. Fast food and sea food . There are cafes and restaurants present within the premises of Cunard.

World Famous Ships and Unique Amenities

The Cunard cruise line is globally known for owning renowned ships i.e. ” Queen Marry 2?. Getting to watch movies live on a theatre screen distinguishes Cunard from other cruises. The large and wooded libraries at sea are also a unique feature of this cruise. Furthermore, they have also arranged grand entry areas to make an event memorable for you on special days. To make you interact with fellow passengers and break the ice, they have offered afternoon tea.

Experiences for Families, Children and Single Travelers

The Cunard ship is the best decision for all ages. Children are also treated well and youngsters are supervised by nannies. Moreover, seasonal travelers and single passengers can enjoy their sailing experience more on this ship. All three Cunard cruise ships provide many activities for children of all ages to make their journey memorable.

Enjoy Health and Fitness on Cunard Cruise Line Ships

On the large size ship and with moderate cost you can expect to go to the areas of Mediterranean, Baltic and Norwegian Fjords, Caribbean, and the transatlantic. The Cunard ships offer plenty of health and fitness facilities such as spas, massages, and facials. The fitness center is also filled with many modern pieces of equipment for working out. Other than this, they also offer hair cut services and other salon services for both men and women to give them fresh and new look. All in all, customers are highly satisfied particularly because of the low-cost.

Queen Anne
Passengers n/a
Crew n/a
Build in n/a
Trips available 177
Price drop this week -28%
© Cunard Line
Queen Elizabeth
Passengers 2101
Crew 900
Build in 2010
Trips available 142
Price drop this week -36%
© Cunard Line
Queen Mary 2
Passengers 2726
Crew 1250
Build in 2004
Trips available 326
Price drop this week -42%
© Cunard Line
Queen Victoria
Passengers 2074
Crew 900
Build in 2007
Trips available 277
Price drop this week -36%