Your next cruise begins with a single search

Our search function is one of the simplest and easiest ways to find cruise deals, and now it’s even better. We’ve added new features, upgraded filters, and streamlined the search process. Take a quick peek at what you can find when you search smart with Cruisewatch.

Upgraded features

  • All room types are now displayed in a single cruise tile, making it easier to compare cabins
  • You can now save your search to your favorites
  • You can share your search with your whole cruise crew
  • See price trends at a glance with clear historic price curves
  • Our innovative price prediction is always included for registered cruisers
  • Searches are even more fully responsive so you can switch seamlessly from desktop to tablet to smartphone

How to search on

How to use the cruise search
  1. Start by using our filters to focus your search to cruises that are relevant to you. Choose from the most popular options in our drop-down menus, or type in your own. After applying the filter you can always see how many cruises fulfill your criteria just above the first tile.
    Number of Price Drops
    June 2016
    February 2017
    July 2017
    January 2018
    March 2018
    Cruise price drops in the last 12 months (13.10.2018)
  2. Each sailing resulting from your search is displayed as a cruise tile, as shown.On each tile, you’ll find important information like the cruise name, ship name, cruise line, and sailing dates. You’ll also have the option to compare all cabin types at a glance with historic price curves. If you’re logged in, you also see what our prediction recommends per cabin type. You can also save cruises to your MyCruisewatch favorites and activate cruise price alerts for the cruise.
  3. Click on “More Actions” to book your preferred cabin directly from the search share the sailing with friends, and compare this particular cruise to others similar to it.
    Many cruises will also feature a ribbon marking it as a particularly good deal, with the cabin types offering this deal marked with the same color. This is based on a  comparison to all sailings in the market regarding price and quality. We only mark the best sailings to help you navigate through the sea of available cruises. You can be sure you’re getting top price AND quality.  
  4. Simply click on your preferred cruise to see a detailed overview, including photos, itinerary, cabin details, descriptions of the ship, why we like the cruise, and a clear comparison of price, quality, and demand. Read more about the cruise details over here.

Create your free account to see price prediction

Our services are totally free, and creating an account is simple and fun. Plus, you’ll have exclusive access to our artificial intelligence- and data-powered price prediction, which offers a clear and concise mathematical forecast for every sailing and room type.

Did you know? Our price prediction is unparalleled worldwide - meaning you won’t find this service on any other website. Create your free account now to stay on top of the market and stay informed!