Cruise Price Prediction

Our cruise price prediction analytics are like the cherry on top of an already great sundae of services and resources. Unique throughout the industry, price prediction offers what no other company or website can: clear, accurate forecasts based on millions of data points and analysis of historical price curves. The best part? It’s completely free for registered cruisers with Cruisewatch.

How do we do it?

Let’s start from the beginning. Cruisewatch was founded by tech guys with a passion for cruising. For years, they pulled data from comprehensive research with the goal of transforming it into simple, easy to use solutions for customers. A fundamental value for Cruisewatch was and continues to be providing market transparency for cruisers trying to navigate a sea of changing automated prices.

To do this, we collect, structure, and analyze data in such a way that we can actually predict the future of cruise prices. In fact, our predictions have around an 80% accuracy rate, meaning that cruisers who take advantage of this resource enjoy the greatest saving potential in the industry!

See prediction in action and save up to 71%

Let’s say a hypothetical cruiser is searching for cruise deals 100 days before their desired departure date. They see a cruise offer that seems like a deal - but is it?

Other sites may advertise the current price (100 days before departure in this scenario) as having a “great” saving potential - usually around 5%. That’s because they get their data from cruise lines and travel companies, and don’t actually see the full picture.

Because Cruisewatch examines the price history, we can predict cruise price drops with greater accuracy. Plus, when used with our real-time  price alert system, which notifies you immediately when prices change, you can save an average of 25%. However, during certain times, some regions offer up to 71% savings for certain cruises! 

Sound complicated?

Actually, it is. But the good news is that our predictions provide clear-cut advice, even if the calculations are very complex. When you log in to your MyCruisewatch account and look at a sailing, you’ll see recommendations like:

  • Book now, meaning this price is either the lowest it’s likely to get, or that a preferred cabin class may be sold out if you wait.
  • Book soon, meaning that price drops are likely to occur soon - activate a price alert to stay informed!
  • Wait, meaning that price drops are likely, but perhaps may take a couple weeks.

Occasionally, you may see a prediction that says there isn’t enough data available. This usually occurs for new ships or itineraries that haven’t amassed enough data for us to responsibly advise customers. We’d rather be honest in our advice than risk a recommendation that ends up being wrong. After all, it’s all about making sure our customers find their right cruise at the right time for the right price.

It’s also important to note that while our price prediction is based on extensive data and statistical research, and its accuracy rating is extremely high, we cannot guarantee the result. Our prediction also doesn’t guarantee that the lowest possible price will be in your preferred cabin class or category. So, even if you see a prediction that advises you “Wait” to book, if you have your heart set on a specific cabin, we always recommend you book now. You can then activate a price alert for your booked cabin category, and if prices drop between the time you book and your departure, you can usually contact your cruise line for reimbursement, usually in the form of onboard credit. 

Give it a whirl!

We’re excited for you to take advantage of this FREE resource, available exclusively for our registered cruisers. Be sure to log in to your MyCruisewatch account to see price predictions. Not a member? Why not? Take a minute now to register for your free account and plan your next cruise with ease and peace of mind.