Profile Status Description

We love cruising and we love to share our experience. That’s the reason why every Cruisewatch user earns a status based on how many points they collect. The more points you collect, the higher your status, and the more exclusive benefits you can enjoy! Your profile status will also be visible on our website and to our community. 

Here’s a quick overview on how it works:

There are seven status levels, which can be achieved by completing different parts of your MyCruisewatch account and using our services. We do this to maximize our data-driven cruise advisor potential and to help you to find your perfect sailing. After all, that’s why we’re here: to help you navigate through the maze of cruise data beyond the horizon. 

The more customized you make your account, the higher your status! Earn more points and unlock new status levels by completing your MyCruisewatch profile and activating price alerts, as well as continuing to use our website’s other great features, like searching cruise details and exploring the blog! Stay up to date on the latest cruise news and features by checking in regularly, setting price alerts, and sharing what you find with other cruisers, friends, and family -- otherwise you could lose your status points, not to mention great deals.

Status Overview

  • Deckhand: Welcome aboard! This is where everyone starts out.
  • Mate: By adding some custom touches to your MyCruisewatch account - like filling out your profile or setting up some preferences - you’ve unlocked a higher tier of services. 
  • Boatswain: You’re no stranger to deals by this point, maybe because you’ve activated price alerts, fine-tuned your personal newsletter or used our advanced search. 
  • Sailing Master: You know your way around - possibly because of the time you’ve spent perusing our database of destinations, cruise details and ports - and you’re practically a pro.
  • First Mate: You know the value of a good deal, and you’re eager to share your knowledge by sharing searches and favorites with your crew.
  • Ship’s Captain: Your MyCruisewatch account is ship-shape and almost complete - but any captain knows the seas can change at any moment, which is why you stay up-to-date with key features like Cruise News, alerts, and price prediction.
  • Admiral: You maintain a crow’s-nest view effortlessly, thanks to the complete suite of personalized Cruisewatch services you’ve acquired. You also help others find their perfect cruise.

Check out your current status and our tips to find your perfect cruise in your MyCruisewatch account