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When you search for a cruise on, you’ll immediately see a lot of the most important information about each sailing, including dates, price curves per cabin category, ports of call, and more. But it’s important to get a detailed overview of your chosen cruise before you book. You can find everything from in-depth pricing analysisship descriptions, and our recommendations to quality scores and comparisons of demand on the detailed cruise description page. 

We compile millions of data points to give you clear, simple summaries of our complex analysis. That’s Cruisewatch.

In-depth pricing details

Once you click on a cruise, you’ll be taken to the detailed cruise description. You can find full maps and tons of pictures, but you’ll also find detailed pricing tables like this one:

As you can see, price changes are easy to compare both from cabin to cabin, as well as historical price trends per room type. 

For example: The current price for an interior cabin is $759 and was reduced 32% on July 13th. This is much cheaper than the initial price of $1,219, but it’s still higher than the lowest price ever. The price curve shows how the price has fluctuated in the past, and that the current price level seems to be attractive. Our opinion is that this deal is a “very good deal” compared to quality and competing sailings. However, we can also predict that price drops are likely. 

Our price prediction is a service you won’t find anywhere else, and it’s available exclusively for our registered cruisers.Not a member yet? Don’t worry - you can sign up for free any time. 

Quality scores and analysis

You’ll also see clear quality charts for the ship itself, based on previous customer reviewsprofessional reviews, each ship’s net promoter score (NPS), and in comparison to other ships. 

Here’s a quick overview of what these charts mean:

  • The quality score is our combined rating balancing professional reviews and customer feedback. The score can range from 0 (everybody hates it) to 100 (everybody loves it).
  • The Net Promoter Score (NPS) measures the ratio between fans and critics. The higher the number the better. A positive number signals more fans than critics. Scores range from -100 to 100.
  • Customer reviews give an average overview of what previous passengers thought about the ship.
  • The professional ship benchmark shows how this ship compares to all other ships in our database. Blue bars indicate a better than average rating, while grey bars indicate the industry average is higher.

Itinerary map

Our improved itinerary map offers interactive exploration that surpasses almost all others in the industry. Not only is the cruise route clearly outlined, but you can click on a port in the itinerary and see it directly marked on the map. 

Ship details

Beneath the full-size map of the cruise itinerary, you’ll find a detailed overview of the cruise ship. A brief introductory ship description highlights special features and onboard amenities like restaurants, spas, shopping, and entertainment. Plus, get all important ship stats at a glance with tables outlining ship measurements, tonnage, size, capacity, passenger to crew ratio, and passenger to space ratio. 

Discover dates

Scroll down to see color-coded, clear charts showing price by month. Dark pink squares indicate the cheapest prices, while white squares indicate the most expensive months. Easily switch between cabin categories to get a clear view of seasonal price trends per cabin type. 

See similar cruises

At the bottom of the page, you’ll see more cruises with features similar to the one you’re looking at, or cruises that other cruisers have clicked on. Scroll through to get a better idea of what is available. Plus, see the cheapest cabin price for each cruise clearly displayed on each cruise tile. You can also easily see how the detailed sailing compares with other cruises, so you can be sure you’re getting the best deal possible on your dream vacation.

Prepare to be inspired!

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