How do I personalize my emails?

We pride ourselves on the custom personalization of our emails. In order to get the most out of our Newsletters, simply follow these steps:

image travel planing
  1. Log in to your MyCruisewatch account.
  2. Click on “Preferences.” Here, you’ll be able to set your preferences to receive emails about the things you care about most. Your preferences include:
    1. Cruise history - How many cruises have you been on before?
    2. Traveler profile - Choose your cruise style or combine a couple for a custom fit
    3. Departure port - Select one or more ports where you’d like to begin your cruise
    4. Cruise lines and ships - Have a favorite ship? Looking for a new cruise line? Select them to be notified about those cruise ships or cruise lines
    5. Travel planning - If you prefer a certain season or have a limited time window for vacation, limit your emails to cruises within that time frame
    6. Budget - Keep yourself from being tempted by ultra-luxurious cruises out of your budget, or limit your emails to only top-tier sailings guaranteed to take cruising to a new level
    7. Room type - Choose the cabin that matches your style and price point best
    8. Destination - Where do you want to go? We’ll let you know about deals in that region

Once you set these preferences, you can immediately apply them to your next Search, or save them for later.