11 Top Ports & Destinations for a Singles Cruise

Single woman on a singles cruise staring at her destination from the cruise ship deck
Singles cruises aren't only about the cruise ship, but the destination. | Author: Allen Taylor

One of the most appealing aspects of going on a cruise is the ability to travel to multiple destinations while still having your home away from home on the cruise ship. Being able to wake up in somewhere new is a wonderful experience and gives you a great sense of adventure but with minimal effort.

There are, of course, some ports that are better than others and some that you will enjoy a lot more than others. Some require a lot more walking and some will be great for shore excursions, while some destinations you will simply be able to enjoy the beauty of the place.

What makes a port or destination great for singles cruisers?

A good port when it come for cruises for singles will be one that is able to provide you with a great destination where there will be a lot to see and do. This will either be with a group of singles or you can go and explore somewhere with your new friend. A bad destination will be one with very little to do and one where it can be hard to find anything to get excited about.

A lot of it can come down to what you prefer to do and the type of adventures that you want to have. On some single cruises there might be specific meetups or groups where you will be able to head offshore, and with some others it is going to be up to you to find your own company, if you want it. Starting your cruise already with a vacation feeling, you can even choose to depart from ports all over the world

What are you looking to do at a cruise destination or port?

A great destination to one person on singles only cruises might be a terrible one to another. It is important that you know exactly what you are hoping to get out of your cruise vacation to help you choose destinations that are going to be able to match your needs.

If you like the idea of heading out on a beach, for example, then there are plenty of destinations that are going to be able to offer this. It could be though that you prefer exploring a new city and want to walk around somewhere beautiful.

Whatever you are looking for, there are plenty of different options out there. You may also love the potential of having different types of destinations where you are able to explore on one day and relax on the next.

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What are the best ports and destinations for singles cruises?

Here we will look at some of the best destinations for singles cruises that will leave you with a vacation to remember for the rest of your life and give you even more opportunity to meet that special someone and a new lifelong friend.

1. Venice, Italy

This is a fairly obvious entry on the list as it is one of the most romantic places on Earth. It’s also the reason that it is one of the best cruise destinations. Cruising to a Southern Europe city like Venice, there is not only plenty to do but there is romance at every turn.

It could be that you want to swap the water of a cruise ship for a ride on the canals in a gondola, have a romantic walk through the main square or simply explore the quaint bridges and alleyways of the water world. You’ll fall in love with the city and could well fall in love with someone else in the process.

Beautiful buildings surrounded by rivers with ships in Venice during sunset
With Venice being full of romance, its one of the most beautiful cruise destination for singles cruises. | Author: Candré Mandawe

2. Dubrovnik, Croatia

This is another city that is very similar to Venice in terms of the way it is going to make you feel, but is naturally very different as you are not going to get the canal experience. It may not be as famous as Venice but is equally as beautiful with its historic sites.

There is plenty to explore in the picturesque European city and you will walk around with a smile on your face, with beauty constantly catching your eye. If you aren’t able to walk long distances then the tight old town will be stunning but if you are more active then the castle and the clifftops are places of intrigue and beautiful scenery.

3. Reykjavik, Iceland

Pronounced "rake-ya-vick", this will be a very different type of European adventure for the more adventurous travelers as the temperatures will often be a lot colder and the experience very different. There are a lot of reasons though why people love traveling to Northern Europe and especially Reykjavik.

It is known as a very safe city for travelers which will help to put any single travelers at ease and there are plenty of unique activities that will give you very memorable experiences. You could bath in a hot spring, look over lava fields or do something easier such as look around their incredible galleries and museums.

4. Bergen, Norway

As with Iceland, if you don’t mind the cold then Norway is another place where beauty will be all around you. Traveling through Norway on fjords cruises gives you incredible beauty without ever having to leave the ship.

There are many great destinations in Norway with Bergen being a great example. There you will be able to enjoy a safe and friendly environment for singles and able to look around the quirky and picturesque town and enjoy all there is to see with your free time.

A cruise ship approaching a green island in the middle of the sea in Norway surrounded by mountains with snow
If you don't mind cold destinations, Norway will guarantee you an unforgettable singles cruise with its nature. | Author: Ursula Drake

5. Monte Carlo, Monaco

Despite having a population of around 40,000 people, Monaco is a place that will give you a huge amount to do and plenty to enjoy. It is notoriously expensive but if you are there for a day then you will have a huge amount of fun.

This is a place where you will be able to leave any of your shyness and anxieties at the door as you quickly get wrapped up in the world of gambling and luxury. This is a great place for singles to be able to enjoy themselves and have a great time.

6. Bali, Indonesia

Away from Europe, here we see one of the finest examples of a destination where you will be able to relax and take a break away. With a cruise to Asia and Bali, you will be able to join the wonderful scenery or enjoy the time to be able to relax on a beach with your single friends.

This is the type of destination that is able to offer you plenty of different aspects depending on your needs. There are great excursions to be found such as searching for marine life and you have the choice of finding something more active to do or simply giving you a space to on the white sands.

Bright green hills with palm trees surrounded with jungle on Bali
Taking a singles cruise to Bali, you can experience many different shore excursions with other single travellers. | Author: Niklas Weiss

7. Nassau, Bahamas

Caribbean cruises are extremely popular and there could have been many destinations that made this list such as St Martin, St Kitts and the Virgin Islands as well as many destinations in the Southern Caribbean. It is a wonderful place that is going to be able to offer you warm weather, great experiences and a relaxing time.

Nassau is one of the best examples of a great Caribbean island for a singles cruise as it is one of the most unique ports in the world. Ships often line up and tower over the beautiful town and nice beaches, with both those beaches and the shopping being extremely close to the ship.

8. Sydney, Australia

In terms of heading into the best cruise ports, a cruise to Australia and Sydney might well be the most beautiful place in the world. From the ship you will be able to enjoy the wonderful waterfront, the grand engineering of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the majesty of the Sydney Opera House.

Once you are on land then you will be able to visit these destinations and will be welcomed with Australia’s famous hospitality. The advantage of traveling to an English-speaking destination also might appeal to single travelers who want a simple traveling experience.

9. London, England

You can be in London for a few weeks and still find out that there are landmarks that you wish you would have seen. It is a place of rich history which is perfect for single travelers as it is fairly simple to get around and explore.

Due to the thin nature of the River Thames, most cruise ships dock a few miles east of London but transport is very easy and plenty of information will be supplied. Once in the city center, some of the main attractions are close by and easy to find.

London and the Thames from above while the sun goes down
Due to its rich history and many exciting attractions, London is one of the top destinations for singles cruises. | Author: Luca Micheli

10. Vancouver, Canada

North America has plenty of great ports of call and destinations too. One of the greatest examples is Vancouver and is another destination that you can enjoy from the ship due to it having one of the most beautiful waterfronts in the world.

In the city you will be able to enjoy the beautiful park, see the city easily with hop-on busses and if you are not tired of being on the water, one of the harbor ferries are another great way of seeing the city in all its glory too. On top of that, the solo traveler also has the benefit of being in a safe and friendly city.

11. Alaska, USA

If you wanted a unique trip while staying in North America then Alaska is a must-see. It’s obviously not directly connected to any of the rest of the country but with it being up there in the north west of the continent, it offers some great experiences.

This is a great place to be able to unwind with other singles and head out in a group to one of the memorable shore excursions. Whether you are want to go whale watching or hike onto a glacier, you’ll return to the ship with memories to last you for a lifetime. 

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Am I restricted by companies for a singles cruise?

The answer to this question depends on the type of cruise you want to go on and how you intend to be traveling. If you are traveling with a friend or happy to pay a single supplement charge, then there are not going to be any restrictions on how and where you can travel.

If you only want to look at cruise ships that have hugely reduced single supplement charges or single person cabins, then you won’t have the same range of travel agents and destinations for you to choose from. This will depend on your own personal preferences and your tour operator but there are a great range of companies such as Royal Caribbean who offer plenty of solo cabins.

This can also be affected if you plan on traveling on a cruise line that has been booked specifically for solo travelers or one that has plenty of events for singles. Again, this will be your own personal preference but if you are on your own, then you unfortunately will find things harder than couple travelers but thankfully there are plenty of options such as double occupancy and the ability to share a cabin.

A single cruiser standing at the beach looking at huge rocks during a shore excursion of a singles cruise
With the right attitude you will make the most out of you singles cruise and explore amazing places. | Author: Farsai Chaikulngamdee

The right attitude is important on cruises for singles

With the right attitude and the right cruise deals, any port or destination is going to be ideal for singles. Getting yourself out there to the functions and activities that they have onboard the ship will quickly find you with plenty of friends to visit your destinations with.

The main reason that people will want to go on a cruise will be due to the destinations that they are going to be seeing. Ships will usually head out on a specific type of adventure and keep things grouped to a certain climate or a certain continent. 

This is where it is going to be important to work out what you want to do and where you want to visit. There are, of course, longer vacations that will cover a lot of different destinations. The options are out there for you and you will find plenty of choice, even as solo cruisers.

This is just a snippet of some of the best destinations and there are plenty of others such as Sun Juan where you can see the beautiful old town, Jamaica where you can see amazing sights like Dunn’s River Falls or Yucatan Peninsula where you can see the incredible Mayan Ruins. The majesty of a cruise is being able to visit different places. 

You could find that you thought that one destination was going to be your highlight but find out that another captured your imagination. A cruise is a wonderful chance to head out there as a solo traveler, explore the world and meet some amazing people in the process. 

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