Find the best cruises departing from ports all over the world

The Symphony of the Seas from Royal Caribbean in its departure port
Planning your cruise you should think about the port you want to depart from. | Author: Fernando Jorge

While planning your cruise there is a lot more to consider besides the cruise line and the destination. One aspect that has a great influence on your vacation is the choice of your departure port. Whether you want to start comfortably from the US or Canada, or combine the whole cruise with a trip to a more exciting destination, it’s completely up to you. There are many ways you can travel to your cruise ship - so everything is open to you. If you already have an idea of where you would like to depart from, here is an overview of ports from all over the world. And to make the whole planning even easier for you, you can also go directly to the best cruises that depart from here.

The Best Cruises Departing from North America

A beach in Miami with palm trees and skyscrapers in the background
Departing from North America is one of the most easiest options to start your cruise vacation. | Author: aurora.kreativ

The biggest advantage to leave directly from America is probably the uncomplicated travel to the cruise ship. You can just grab your stuff, get in the car and enjoy a road trip to a unique vacation - probably the simplest and stress-free method. There are more than enough departure ports with great cruises leaving from Northamerica, so that you will definitely find the cruise you were always looking for. If it is important to you not to sit in the car all day, but to be able to board as quickly as possible, then you should look for cruises that depart close to you. Here you will find the best cruises departing from different ports in North America: 

The Best Cruises Departing from Southern North America

1. Best Cruises from New Orleans

2. Best Cruises from Galveston

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The Best Cruises Departing from Canada

A city in Canada at the ocean with many cruise ships
Starting your cruise in Canada, you will have a new experience. | Author: Mike Benna

If you don't want to drive too long and wish to experience something new even before the cruise, then Canada is probably the best compromise to start your cruise from. With beautiful mountains, the sea and many attractions you can get to know another city if you arrive a day earlier at your desired departure city. See here the best cruises leaving from Canada: 

1. Best Cruises from Vancouver (Canada Place), British Columbia

2. Best Cruises from Vancouver

3. Best Cruises from Halifax

The Best Cruises Departing from Alaska

Mountains and a lake covered with snow in Alaska
Even with cold temperatures, Alaska has some of the best departure ports for nature lovers. | Author: Rod Long

When you are looking for stunning nature, not only during your cruise, Alaska is a great option to depart from. Located in the northernmost part of the United States it's not as far away from home as other departure ports and therefore a good balance between easy accessibility and new experiences. So, have a look at the best cruises leaving from ports in Alaska and find your perfect cruise deal: 

1. Best cruises from Anchorage

2. Best Cruises from Skagway

3. Best Cruises from Ketchikan

4. Best Cruises from Glacier Bay

5. Best Cruises from Juneau, Alaska

6. Best Cruises from Denali

The Best Cruises Departing from Mexico

The cruise ship Vision of the Seas from Royal Caribbean in a Mexican port
Offering amazing cruises, starting from ports in Mexico will guarantee you great vacations. | Author: tampaflgal

When leaving from Mexico you should not miss out to immerse yourself in the culture and taste Mexican food during the time you spend there. So you can go on your ship fully satisfied and relaxed. Sounds like something for you? Then you should check out the best cruises leaving from these different ports in Mexico: 

1. Best Cruises from Cozumel, Mexico

2. Best Cruises from Cabo San Lucas

3. Best Cruises from Ensenada

4. Best Cruises from Costa Maya (Mahahual), Mexico

The Best Cruises Departing from Central and South America

Sun shining on the city of Rio de Janeiro in South America
Starting your cruise from South America will give you a lot of energy for your vacation. | Author: Julianna Kaiser

Departing from Central or South America from ports such as Belize City or Rio de Janeiro, you have the chance to enjoy the lively and vibrant cities before boarding on your cruise ship. The cruise market has a lot to offer from there. So check out the best cruises departing from ports in central and south America:  

1. Best Cruises from Enter Panama canal at Cristobal

2. Best Cruises from Belize City

3. Best Cruises from Rio de Janeiro

4. Best Cruises from Buenos Aires

The Best Cruises Departing from the Caribbean

A small island in the Caribbean with palm trees and clear blue water
The Caribbean is one of the most popular cruise departing areas in the world. | Author: Fidelia Zheng

The list of departure ports in the Caribbean is particularly long. But of course there is a reason for this. Entering the cruise ship under palm trees, with the beach in sight and a view over the crystal clear blue water, your vacation starts especially beautiful. So even if many Caribbean cruises depart from ports like Miami, the start directly from an exotic island is a real alternative. Check out the best cruises leaving from ports in the Caribbean: 

1Best Cruises from Ocho Rios

2. Best Cruises from San Juan

3. Best Cruises from Philipsburg, Saint-Martin

4. Best Cruises from Gustavia

5. Best Cruises from Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas

6. Best Cruises from Basseterre

7. Best Cruises from Willemstad

8. Best Cruises from Roatan

9. Best Cruises from Oranjestad

10. Best Cruises from Half Moon Cay, Bahamas (Private Island)

11. Best Cruises Great Stirrup Cay (Cruiseline Private Island), Bahamas

12. Best Cruises from Freeport

13. Best Cruises from Castries

14. Best Cruises from Castaway Cay (Disney Private Island)

15. Best Cruises from Bridgetown

16. Best Cruises from George Town, Cayman Islands

The Best Cruises Departing from the South Sea

Coastline of an island in the South Seas with mountains, small huts and clear water
Departing from the South Sea you can enjoy a tropical paradise while boarding your cruise ship. | Author: Vincent Gerbouin

Departing from ports of amazing islands in the south sea, you can be sure to start your cruise vacation with a relaxed feeling. And even if you are already excited to board your ship, you should take your time to explore the stunning nature of the tropical paradise. Check out the best cruises leaving from the south sea: 

1. Best Cruises from Papeete, Tahiti

2. Best Cruises from Bora Bora

3. Best Cruises from Honolulu

4. Best Cruises from Victoria

The Best Cruises Departing from Southern Europe

A gondola floats in front of an old building in Venice
Looking for culture and history, you should depart from one of the many Mediterranean ports. | Author: Chait Goli

With your cruise starting from Southern Europe it gets romantic and versatile. Here you have the possibility to choose from countless ports in different countries. And every country has something special to offer. Even if a flight here is clearly long, the mediterranean flair will enchant you directly.  So if you've always had a country in southern Europe that you wanted to get to know better, here's an overview for you. Have a look at the best cruises departing from the Mediterranean and start your vacation in places full of history and culture: 

The Best Cruises Departing from France and Monaco

1. Best cruises from Marseille

2. Best Cruises from Cannes

3. Best Cruises from Monte Carlo

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The Best Cruises Departing from Northern Europe

A cruise ship departing to a cruise from Norway with mountains in the background
Starting your cruise in Northern Europe, you will experience beautiful landscapes and different cities. | Author: Steinar Engeland

Departing from Northern Europe goes hand in hand with a very special atmosphere. With the possibility to discover cities in Norway, Sweden or Finland before your cruise, you will get to know new and exciting cultures. And already while exploring the cities, your anticipation of the unique landscapes that await you during the cruise can rise. So scroll through the best cruises departing from ports in Northern Europe: 

1. Best Cruises from Helsinki

2. Best Cruises from Amsterdam

3. Best Cruises from Stockholm

4. Best Cruises from Copenhagen

5. Best Cruises from Trondheim, Norway

6. Best Cruises from Tromso, Norway

7. Best Cruises from Kirkenes, Norway

8. Best Cruises from Bergen, Norway

9. Best Cruises from Alesund, Norway

10. Best Cruises from St. Petersburg

The Best Cruises Departing from the UK

1. Best Cruises from Southampton

2. Best Cruises from London

The Best Cruises Departing from Australia & New Zealand

The skyline of Auckland with water and ships in the front
Starting your cruise from New Zealand, you have a chance to explore the biggest city besides all the nature. | Author: Dan Freeman

If you go on a cruise from Australia or New Zealand, you will most likely see a lot of nature. But also the cities are worth exploring. So you can come one day before your cruise starts and experience already the lifestyle of the Aussies or Kiwis. So, check out the best cruises departing from ports in Australia and New Zealand: 

1. Best Cruises from Sydney

2. Best Cruises from Auckland

The Best Cruises Departing from Asia

The city center of Hong Kong with many skyscrapers and a river in the middle
Starting your cruise in Asia, you have the chance to get to know the culture better and try the unique food. | Author: Ruslan Bardash

Asia is definitely worth a visit. So why not combining it with a cruise? Leaving from ports like Shanghai or Singapore you will be able to get to know this exciting culture even before your cruise starts. You should consider to arrive one or two days earlier to take your time and explore the various attractions and the unique food. Check out the best cruises leaving from ports in Asia: 

1. Best Cruises from Shanghai, China

2. Best Cruises from Hong Kong

3. Best Cruises from Cai Lan (Hanoi), Vietnam

4. Best Cruises from Singapore City

The Best Cruises Departing from Turkey & the Middle East

Old houses in Istanbul and seagulls flying in the sky
Leaving from the Middle East you have the choice between really different departure ports. | Author: Anna

The cities you can depart from Turkey and the Middle East will amaze you. While Dubai will overwhelm you with its majesty and futuristics wonders, Istanbul exudes the charm of a traditional, colorful city full of life. Simply go through the best offers of the cruise lines darting from there: 

1. Best cruises from Dubai

2. Best Cruises from Istanbul

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