Best Onboard Activities On A Singles Cruise

People enjoying time on a cruise ship deck on singles cruise
With a wide variety of activities, single cruisers can have a blast onboard the cruise ship. | Author: MustangJoe

When you are on a cruise, the activities are something that you are able to leave out or attend at your own leisure. On singles only cruises, however, the activities that are available onboard will help you to socialize with fellow singles and help you to have a great time on the ship.

There are activities that will be specifically geared towards singles and there will be other activities that everyone can attend where you potentially meet other singles or can attend with the friends you have already found.

Whatever you’re looking to get out of your cruise, there is plenty to do on the ship that will be able to give you some memorable experiences. Each ship will different activities, therefore it’s good to see which types of companies are going to match your interests. With especially beautiful ports and destinations for singles you can make your cruise even more varied. 

Exclusive singles events on singles-only cruises

On any given cruise there could be a number of different activities that can be geared for singles but if you are attending a cruise that is specifically catering for singles, there will be a lot that can be offered to make your experience a great one and allow you to have a great chance of meeting someone.

One great way for singles to meet together is if there is a space that is dedicated just for singles to socialize together. Some companies will offer a singles lounge where you will be able to enjoy the space and give you a great chance to meet fellow solo cruisers.

If a company doesn’t offer a singles lounge specifically, then there is a good chance that singles nights will be held at any of their bars or lounges. While you may be a little nervous at first, you’ll soon find it to be a very comfortable situation and will be able to enjoy yourself.

As single women tend to be in the majority on single cruises, companies can also offer gentlemen hosts that will be able to play host to the single events to help get people together and can even dance with guests to help them have a great evening together.

They are not the only cruise activities that can be used to bring single people together. A lot of ships will host welcome cocktail parties that will be able to allow people to socialize at the start of the cruise vacation. Not only can this be a great way to get to know people straight away, but it can also allow you to find friends and like-minded people who you will be able to enjoy activities and excursions with others for the rest of your cruise.

Another great way to enjoy a singles cruise is to go on excursions with your fellow singles guests. Due to the nature of cruising, this could be a whole range of different scenarios and adventures and it’s great to do something different. This can be a great way of letting go and making the most out of your vacation.

All these singles activities will depend on the cruise line that you are using and also if you are booking through a tour operator that is going to book out rooms exclusively for a singles experience. As you can imagine, the more singles-orientated your booking, the more singles events that you are going to have onboard the ship.

It’s a great idea to look ahead and see exactly what the cruise vacation has to offer as there can be a large difference between one ship and the next. If you are unsure, then you will be able to contact your cruise director or your tour operator in order to get more details.

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Plenty of classes on singles cruises

One of the great ways to meet new people when you are onboard the ship is to go to one of the vast range of classes that can be available on different ships. Some of these can be organized specifically for solo travelers and others will simply be a great chance to meet like-minded people.

This really is one area that can vary from one ship to the next as they will mix up the classes they offer from one journey to the next. There can be themed cruises for singles, however, that will be able to offer you more of a tailored trip where you will know that you are going to find people who have the same interests as you.

One of the most traditional classes that you are able to attend that happen on a lot of ships is cooking classes. Even if you are a complete novice you will be able to enjoy yourself and try to make something new. General classes and demonstrations are often available, as are more personal classes, but the general classes are a great chance to meet and socialize with other single travelers.

Other similar cruise classes are available in aspects such as photography and computer skills where you will be able to have fun learning something new. These types of activities are able to give you a new experience while onboard the ship and have a laugh doing so.

One of the best ways to meet fellow singles, whether on a ship or on land, is through dancing. It’s hard to not let yourself go with swing dances or a line dance class and many people love the feeling of doing the cha cha and dancing the night away. Whether it is a ballroom dancing class, any other type of dancing or simply going solo and enjoying the party, dancing is a wonderful way to meet singles.

One way to let your mind unwind is with a little alcohol and one of the great ways to do that on a cruise ship is with an alcohol tasting session. This could be all manner of different types of alcohol from wine to beer to whiskey and you will be able to choose your favorite one and have a great time.

There are often plenty of other onboard activities for those looking for something a little faster paced. These can be the likes of fencing, games, golf, surfing and a whole host of other sports. These are a great way to have social interaction while having fun enjoying your favorite activity, or something completely new.

This is only a snippet to the type of classes that can be found on cruise ships, and some of these will be available on some and not others. It’s always great to check ahead and see what they have to offer but classes can be a great way of meeting singles. Not only can you gain friends and possibly meet someone special, but you will also be able to have fun and learn something new in the process.

Single cruisers dancing together during a dancing class on a cruise
As a great way to get in contact with other single travelers, dancing classes are offered on singles cruises. | Author: Ardian Lumi

Cruises for singles are all about the entertainment

One of the greatest parts about going on a cruise ship is the sheer amount of entertainment onboard which will help you to have fun, meet new people and make your break a memorable one. You will never be short of things to whilst on the ship.

If you are on a dedicated singles cruise then there will often be small group visits the best shows and performances where you will be able to have a laugh and unwind while watching many of the ships talented crew.

One of the staples of cruise entertainment is singing and there are likely to be many great singers on the ship who will all be able to put on a great show. This might be a solo act, a more musical number or it could be themed for one particular type of music. Enjoying a great singer is always going to make for a very enjoyable night.

Another piece of great entertainment that cruise ships can have is having a cinema on board which will either show new films or a selection of other masterpieces. Despite its reputation for romance, going to the cinema isn’t the greatest place to find romance but it is a great way to spend a couple of hours with someone you’ve found.

Also onboard will be a wide variety of other different entertainment that will be played on the stage such as shows, plays and comedy performances. This is all about settling into a relaxed environment and enjoying a performance without any expectation or pressure. This is a great way to meet new people while having fun.

The colorful entrance of the entertainment theater on the cruise ship Norwegian Jade from Norwegian cruise lines
With shows, musicals or comedy performances, single cruises are the heaving for all entertainment lovers. | Author: Mariamichelle

Fun activities for all singles cruisers

If you’re single, you will also want to go out and have fun in one of the ships activities that aren’t specifically designed for singles, such as rock climbing that can be found on Royal Caribbean for the more adventurous travelers. These will still allow you to have a great time, whether that is on your own or with a friend that you have met in your double occupancy if you are not in one of the solo cabins, as you will want to experience everything that the ship has to offer.

While it might not be everyone’s idea of having a relaxing vacation break, going to the gym for some can not only be a good way to stay in shape but again it will give you an environment to meet new people. Exercising while looking out onto the beautiful ocean is also going to be a big change from doing it in an artificially lit gym at home.

If that sounds like hell, or you want to unwind after a big session, then going to a spa is a great way to relax. This can be less about meeting people and more about simply letting yourself have a break from life and the noise of the crowd. Once you have finished, then you can once again rejoin the rest of the ship and continue your cruising adventure.

If you are looking for something that is going to get your heart racing, then many ships have an onboard casino where you will be able to enjoy the thrill of gambling. There are many other fast-paced ways of enjoying yourself and the beauty of a cruise is that you have so much choice that you can simply pick and choose.

If you feel as though you've had enough activities for the day then you can always just enjoy heading out to one of the many bars that these ships have. Whether you are heading to a singles-specific night or not, the humble bars has been the scene for numerous first encounters to wonderful relationships. It is just one of many different ways that you can make your time onboard a memorable one and leave with new friends and possibly a new partner.

The Casino of a cruise ship with chips laying on a table and people gambling in the background
For the single cruisers who prefer exciting activities you can also get to know people while playing at the casino. | Author: Kay

Tailor your singles cruise to suit your needs

As we have seen here, there are numerous different types of activities and singles events that are going to make your experience an incredible one. You will have many opportunities to meet with another single person who love cruising but also enjoy the same activities as you.

One of the incredible aspects of cruising is that you are able to fit your holiday around you. It could be that one day you are going to look into a class, a show and a party, and it could be the next day you simply want to relax in the sun and a have a massage in a spa.

As a single, you will never be alone if you don’t want to be as there is always plenty to do. Events and activities can vary quite a lot from one company to another and therefore you want to make sure that your cruise is going to have everything that you want out of it.

Everyone is very different and what might be a great activity for one might be another person’s idea of hell. On a cruise you only ever have to do what you want to do but it makes sense to look for a cruise that is going to more geared towards what you love to do. Even if you are not sure yet of taking a singles cruise, if you heed a few tips, you'll have a great experience.  

A singles cruise is a great way to have a wonderful vacation while giving yourself the opportunity to meet someone special or meet new friends who you will be able to share future adventures with. If you are heading off to a cruise on your own then you could well find that it is the last time you do so if you attend the singles activities onboard the ship.

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