Top 13 Cruise Destinations for Romance

Couple holding hands while walking along a beach at sunset, with palm trees in the background
Nothing says love more than taking a couples cruise to a romantic cruise destination. | Author: Asad Photo Maldives

There is something naturally romantic about cruise ships given that it provides you with the luxury that you tend not to have in daily life. It’s just you and that special someone, sailing on the vast ocean underneath the stars on a beautiful ship and being able to relax with everything that you need onboard. With many cruise lines which are especially focused on creating romantic moments, you and your partner will definitely enjoy the time on the ship.

You might also want your port to match that setting and thankfully there are many cruise destinations for romance where you will have the time of your life with the love of your life. Whether you are on a honeymoon or just want an amazing time as a couple, romantic cruises are a great option.

13. Buenos Aires, Argentina

If you were to think of a romantic dance then the tango is probably the one that will spring to mind. Well Argentina is the home of that dance and you would instantly see why, as it is full of romance with Latin flair mixed in with beautiful sights.

A great activity is being able to head out on a gondola along the waterways, which is hugely romantic. It’s a brilliantly vibrant city and also a unique option for anyone looking to go beyond the obvious.

There are many beautiful ports in South America and one great way to see them is with Hurtigruten Cruise Lines who will be able to give you a romantic onboard experience, before dropping you off at the likes of Buenos Aires to carry on the romance on shore.

A cruise ship a sailing at the horizon on the sea during a romantic sunset
Not only the cruise destinations, but also your time on board guarantees you a romantic atmosphere. | Author: Tayler Lyons

12. Valencia, Spain

There are many beautiful places in Spain but Valencia is a delightful place to visit. It mixes in historic and elegant older buildings with modern architecture which is equally as appealing in a whole new different way. It’s a perfect blend and makes for a romantic setting. 

Along with that romantic setting, you can also enjoy delicious Spanish food in one of their many fine dining restaurants. It is also a great beach city too, with many sandy beaches if you are looking for something more relaxing. 

There are many great cruise lines but for cruises in the Mediterranean, MSC cruises are one of the best operators and often have Valencia as one of their ports of call. It will help take you through the open seas to many romantic destinations.

11. Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monte Carlo is another destination in the Mediterranean that is great to visit but for a few different reasons from Valencia. It is somewhere that is synonymous with wealth, luxury, the most prestigious Formula 1 Grand Prix and gambling.

There is plenty of fun to be had in the city where you can walk along the marina or further up the hills to cast your eyes out over the bay. It’s a stunning location where you can have a great time with your partner before getting back on the ship.

If you’re going to go on a romantic trip to Monte Carlo then you may as well do it in style and live the life of elegance and luxury. That’s exactly what you would get with a trip with SeaDream Yacht Club and their Mediterranean cruises.

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10. Limon, Costa Rica

As far as romantic getaways go, Limon is a very popular destination. It has beautiful waterfalls along with rainforests that will delight you with an incredibly romantic scene for your enjoyment. It is a common honeymoon destination and once you get there you will see why.

It is a paradise with colorful streets with friendly locals and palm trees galore. It often looks like your cliché castaway movie setting but instead of survival, you’ll be able to simply think about relaxing and enjoying a romantic time with your other half. 

Costa Rica is a unique destination and is perfect for a special couples getaway. A 14-night cruise with Carnival Cruise Lines will be able to take you to Limon, through the Panama Canal and to other romantic destinations for a truly unforgettable trip. 

9. Santorini, Greece

A Princess Cruises ship was the location of the filming of the sitcom “The Love Boat” and for your own romantic adventure, using them to set sail to the exhilarating open air of the beautiful Greek Islands would be a great choice.

There are many different types of excursions that you can do as you would be able to have an island tour or even do some volcano hiking. If you don’t fancy walking or hiking then you can simply enjoy a wine tour with Costa Cruise Lines and sample some fine alcohol with your love.

If you love cruising then at least once in your life it would be a great idea to have a world cruise or simply just a long one. Princess Cruises do many long cruises through Europe that are able to completely explore the region as you’re immersed in romance. 

A cruise ship entering the port of Santorini in Greece during sunset
With its intimate atmosphere and the white houses, Santorini is one of the most romantic cruise destinations. | Author: Yu Siang Teo

8. Azores, Portugal

While technically a part of Portugal, the Azores lie around 800 miles off its west coast. While the Pacific Islands are much vaunted for their beauty, the Azores are a spot of immense beauty in the Atlantic and is a wonderful stop off on any transatlantic journey.

If you love nature then you are going to find this place to be as romantic as it gets. There are luscious greens surrounding the island and a caldera that is breathtaking. Seeing the majesty of nature is truly romantic and which makes it a great place to visit.

One of the romantic experiences that you can have is to travel to such romantic destinations on a small ship with a high level of luxury, and adults only cruises. Ponant and Silversea Cruises are two such cruise lines which would give you a memorable experience. 

7. Sydney, Australia

You’ll see how romantic Sydney is before even setting foot on land as you pass by the Sydney Opera House and gaze at the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Once you get off then you will be able to see romantic places such as the Royal Botanic Gardens. 

On top of that, there are a great range of restaurants or if you just want to relax, then Bondi Beach is close by, which is one of the most famous beaches in the world. Sydney is a great destination for a number of reasons but especially if you go with your partner.

When it comes to traveling to Australia, there aren’t any better cruise lines than Cunard. They are another company that will provide a romantic onboard experience to go with the amazing cruise destinations for romance that you will be visiting.

6. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

There are a wide variety of excursions that you could enjoy in Mexico. You could see the hustle and bustle of Mexico City, experience the nightclubs of Cancun or you could instead head over to the southern tip on a cruise to see the picturesque Cabo San Lucas.

If the beautiful sea isn’t enough to set the romantic scene then whale spotting could well do it, or even the El Arco rock arch which is a wonder of natural beauty. It’s simply a beautiful part of the world and a cruise destination you’ll never forget, especially if it’s shared with the person you love.

When it comes to Cabo San Lucas you are always going to be able to find great cruises available. Royal Caribbean is a wonderful cruise line and will be able to take you on an adventure of a lifetime.

5. Venice, Italy

When it comes to places of romance, Venice is always near the top of the list. It’s a city like no other as most of the streets are criss-crossed by network of canals, which creates an intriguing atmosphere. It is unique and can be incredibly romantic, especially while traversing the city in a gondola.

At the center of the city is St. Mark’s Square which is very close to the shore for an easy trip. You would be able to go to the top of the tower to get a bird’s eye view of Venice and then you can head down to one of their specialty restaurants to enjoy some delicious Italian cuisine.

If you’re traveling to Venice you might as well do it in style and that’s exactly what Seabourn will offer you. Many cruise liners head to the region though and a kiss (or maybe a proposal) as you pass under the Bridge of Sighs would be a truly romantic experience.

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4. Hawaii, USA

In terms of romantic cruise spots, the Hawaiian Islands give you an incredible choice and this list could easily have 13 of the best spots in its various islands. It is a popular destination for many reasons with its rich natural beauty and friendly atmosphere being two of the biggest.

If you were to pick just one island then you’d have to go for Maui. There is beauty at sea level with clean white beaches, beauty below it with colorful coral reefs and beauty far above it with the peak of Haleakala dominating the landscape. There is nothing more romantic than being surrounded by beauty at all levels.

Again, Norwegian Cruise Line operates regular cruises to Hawaii with more itineraries than the other main cruise lines. Hawaii is also perfect if you’re looking for a romantic adventure somewhere close to the American mainland. 

3. The Bahamas

It depends on what most romantically appeals to you but if it’s white sand beaches and palm trees then a cruise to the Bahamas is most likely going to give you a trip of a lifetime with numerous romantic stops along the way.

Half Moon Cay is the spot that you want to as you will have the chance to ride a horse along the beach and enjoy a memorable experience by visiting the stunning lagoon. 

There are many cruise ships that are going to be able to give you a romantic Bahamas cruise and you’re not going to be short of great options. Oceania Cruises offer a luxury experience and have a great range of romantic cruises to the Bahamas and beyond.

2. Bora Bora, French Polynesia

While Bora Bora might be the headline act in French Polynesia, it’s not the only stunning destination as there also the likes of Tahiti, Huahine and Taha’a to visit as well. You will be met by unique landscapes, friendly locals and a stress-free and romantic experience.

You will be able to live the life of luxury in Bora Bora with the likes of beauty and spa treatments offered at a very high level of quality. It’s a great place to visit and having it as a port of call on a romantic cruise would be a perfect trip.

The seclusion of French Polynesia is a large part of its charm and romance as it is off the beaten path in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. If you wanted the ultimate small island romance, then Bora Bora is a must-see destination and Celebrity Cruises have a lot of great Pacific cruises that can get you there.

1. Florence, Italy

There’s something about the charm of Florence that simply oozes romance. Every street has its charm and every restaurant seemingly makes delicious food. It has been described as an open-air museum and that’s what it feels like, there is art everywhere you turn.

In the actual museums you can get to see the Statue of David in the Academia or The Birth of Venus by Botticelli in the Uffizi Gallery. Advanced booking is always recommended as queues can be lengthy at peak times.

There is plenty more to see too with the beautiful cathedral, the famous Ponte Vecchio bridge and the Palazzo Vecchio. There is romance around every corner and Regent Seven Seas can whisk you there in fine style after a short transfer from Livorno. 

Beautiful houses and a river with bridge in Florence in Italy while the sun goes down.
Being full of charm, Florence is the top cruise destination when it comes to romance. | Author: Mark Tegethoff

Cruise destinations for romance

The best romantic destination for you is going to depend on your own personality and which type of trip you prefer, whether that it a romantic city such as Florence, an island paradise such as Bora Bora or having fun in Monte Carlo.

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We hope these cruise destinations inspired the passion inside you as plan your cruise adventure for you and your significant other. A romantic cruise every now and again is great to spark or reignite the love you have for each other while creating memories that will last a lifetime. All you need to do now is book your cruise and count down the days to departure.

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