Cruise Price Alerts: How to Never Miss a Cruise Deal Again allows you to get customized cruise price alerts for your relevant set of cruise trips. You will never miss a deal again! We will automatically notify you when prices drop so that you can be the first to book.


The alert process has four steps:

1. Search for your personalized set of cruise trips

  1. click on “Find Your Cruise” or “Price Drops” and use our filter criteria on the lefthand side to find the set of cruise trips relevant to you
  2. click on “Show Details” to get more information about a specific cruise trip (recommended) and get all the information you will need for you trip
  3. use our Price History data and our Quality Score to choise the best trip for you
  4. advanced: login to MyCruisewatch and use our prediction to get the best results and find the best time to book


2. Set an alert

  • General News: gives you general cruise information in your requested frequency. You can customize this newsletter to better suit your need
  • Trip Watch: notifies you of any price movement for your selected trip(s)
  • Cabin Watch (professional level): informs you on a cabin level (e.g. Balcony E4) of changing prices and availability. You can keep tabs on the following:
    • Sold out: this category is no longer available
    • Available: this category is available again
    • $ Up: the price has increased
    • $ Drop: the price has gone down since the last drop
    • $ Limit: the price has dropped below your customized price limit
  • Review Alerts: informs you of new upcoming reviews for your selected ship
  • Notification: displays all of your alert results. We will send e-mail notifications and your number of unread messages will be displayed just beside the myCruisewatch login
    • at each level of the first step, you have the option to click the “Activate Alerts” button
    • this button leads you to your myCruisewatch profile
    • if you are not yet registered, you need to do so now (your personal data is secure and we assure you that you won’t need to pay anything)
    • you can modify the specific alert within the responsive layer
    • there are four types of alerts (see screen at the bottom):


3. We monitor your alerts

You don’t need to do anything! We track your alerts every second of the day.


4. Get alerts when your criteria is matched

We send you an e-mail alert and publish the result in the “Notifications” layer of myCruisewatch. You should check your personal alert if any action is needed, such as contacting the cruiseline to get an onboard credit because of a recent price drop.