New MSC Cruises’ world cruise

Posted on Oct 24, 2018

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MSC Cruises’ first ever world cruise will visit 32 countries over 119 days. Passengers on board the MSC Magnifica will already have 15 standard shore excursions pre-booked, but immersive overland tours are also available at an additional cost.

‘Extended stays in exotic locations’ await overland tourists

The overland tours offered by MSC Cruises on their 17-week world cruise range from 19 hours to seven days in length. They offer cruisers an in-depth opportunity to explore a certain country or culture before rejoining the ship.

MSC Cruises USA President Robert Fusaro highlighted the importance of immersion when he announced the tours earlier this week. “Our excursions allow guests to dive deeper into the local culture, cuisines, and attractions -- especially overland excursions that allow for an extended stay in some of the most exotic locations,” Fusaro said.

From shark watching in Bora Bora to Taj Mahal tours

Some highlighted overland tours include:

  • Bora Bora bungalow stay: Two nights in an overwater bungalow, complete with Tahitian meals, spa treatment, and a lagoon tour with shark- and ray-watching.
  • Ancient wonders of Jordan: Spend six nights exploring some of the Middle East’s most stunning spots, including Petra and the Jordanian “City of Mosaics” Madaba. Hotel accommodation is included, along with a night camped under the desert stars.
  • Luxury safari in Australia: Spend a night “glamping” in the Werribee Open Range Zoo in Australia for a glimpse of nocturnal wildlife and spectacular starry views.
  • Tour the Taj Mahal: This two-night overland tour covers Delhi and Agra, and includes luxury hotel accommodation and food as you explore from Colombo, Sri Lanka, and finish at the Taj Mahal.

Book now - or wait another year

The maiden voyage of MSC Cruises’ world cruise sets sail January 5, 2019, but passengers interested in overland tours should book now. As spots are limited on overland tours, the sooner cruisers book the better.

MSC Cruises is already planning their next world cruise, scheduled to embark in January 2020.