Avalon Imagery II - Current Position

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We are tracking and are calculationg it's position based on its itinerary. Check the following map to see current location. We have also highlighted all ports that is sailing to with markers..

Regarding Covid-19 / Coronavirus:

Due to short term route changes, itineraries might have changed and real positions might no longer follow the original route.

Current position of cruise ship "Avalon Imagery II"
Current Sailing 7 Night The Blue Danube Discovery
Departure port Budapest, Hungary
Departure 2020-11-25
Disembarking port Roth
Disembarking date 2020-12-02
Current Position Passau

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Day Port Arrival Departure
1 Budapest
2 Vienna
3 Vienna
4 Durnstein
5 Passau
6 Regensburg
7 Roth
8 Nuremberg
Current Itinierary for Avalon Imagery II