Venice Cruise

The initial settlement of the marshy islands in the lagoon was to defend themselves from barbarian tribes that terrorized mainland villages and farms. Living in the island quickly led to the developing skills in boats handling and then ships. Maritime trade operated by shrewd merchants brought great wealth, thus permitted building of churches, palaces and monuments. The city then became the center of the vast Venetian empire. The name Venice summoned visions of grandeur, richness, magnificence, beauty and graciousness. In 1948, a railway was built to link the Island to the mainland, and 1930 a motor causeway. Venice Italy is always regarded the "Queen of the Sea."

Venice has no cars, all the transportation is by boat or on foot. Enjoy the cobbled streets and 400 bridges that span the 177 canals of Venice. Cruise to Italy and enjoy the enchanting Venice with an atmosphere that exists nowhere else.

Sightseeing in Venice

On your Venice cruise, shore excursions can be an ingenious choice for visiting the monuments which usually draw the largest cruise crowds in Venice. These monuments are such as;

  • Basilica di San Marco - it's the mausoleum of the city's patron saint
  • Palazzo Ducale - the home of the doge and all the governing councils

Undoubtedly these are the most dramatic buildings in Venice. Basilica di San Marco is the mosaic-clad emblem of Venice's Byzantine origins and the Palazzo Ducale possibly the finest of all secular Gothic buildings.

It's worth visit every parish; there are about fifty churches with important paintings and sculptures.  Enjoy your cruises to Venice walking in Piazza San Marco. This is the only piazza in Venice, all other squares being campi or campielli. Piazza San Marco draws many visitors with its markets, festivities and parades. The biggest attraction is the trade fair known as the Fiera della Sensa.

Piazza coffee shops were the vital component for the high society in the eighteenth-century. The two surviving shops from that period i.e. Florian and Quadri are still the most expensive coffee shops in town. Murano is famous for the glass-making industry. The industry is the only surviving manufacturing zone in Venice.

Venice attractions:

  • Basilica - has the famous Pala d'Oro, which is an altarpiece made of solid gold encrusted with precious gems. It was made in 976 by Byzantine goldsmiths.
  • Doge's Palace - its located next to the Basilica. 
  • Campanile - Built in 912. It's top provides magnificent views across the city.

Enjoy many other attractions in Venice including art, paintings, architecture, history, canals, palaces and churches

Facts about Venice

Venice cruise port is a perfect cruise call since everything is easily accessible in this World Heritage city. Ships can dock at St Marks Square or even dock further up at the Grand Canal which is the main cruise terminal complex in Venice. You'll still have it easy.

Venice cruise port is the main center for cruise ships in the Mediterranean. It records over a thousand cruise ship activities and receives approximately a million cruise passengers ever year.

Venice Cruise Terminal houses up to over twenty cruise companies, such as: Cunard, Costa Cruise Line, and Norwegian Cruise Lines. This offers a great choice of cruises from Venice.

Things you can do in Venice