Cruise Food

Bursting buffets piled high with munchable morsels, upscale specialty restaurants offering sumptuous samples of five-star fine dining, poolside comfort food, and piña coladas - no matter what your palate demands, a cruise ship is a foodie's paradise and an important factor you need to consider while planning your next cruise. In this cruise food guide, we dive deeper into every aspect of dining on a cruise. Learn everything you need to know about cruise ship dining from what’s included in your fare and how to make the most of the main dining room on a cruise.

 As there are enormous food-options and variations between different cruise ships and cruise lines you might want to make sure to plan your perfect Foodie cruise ahead. That way you don’t have to worry about anything once you’re on the sea and you're not expected to have any nasty surprises when it comes to dining on a cruise. In general, you can expect that on most cruise ships fantastic food will be served. However, there are some ships that stand out, which is why we broke down the Cruise ships with the best food for you and your special preferences. 

You are on a budget? No need to worry! We created a ranking of the 13 best foodie cruise lines for every budget divided into Mainstream, Premium, and Luxury Cruises to make sure you will get the most of your cruise food experience. But attention! Another factor you have to keep in mind is the destination. If you are an italian pasta-lover you might be disappointed on a Caribbean cruise. Or maybe you want to make a totally new and unique dining experience? There might be some destinations you don’t have on your screen yet. Check out our article about the best cruise destinations for foodies