Packing List for Cruise

When headed out on a cruise there are a lot of things things to consider and it can be difficult knowing what to pack, especially if your cruise makes multiple stops along the way. That said, below are some great tips on what to make sure you don't leave behind:

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With our packing list you won't forget anything and are perfectly prepared for your cruise. | Author: Mantas Hesthaven

Toiletry bag

Whether you are a man or woman you want to keep your toiletry bag stocked up with refillable 3 ounce bottles as part of your cruise pack list. Having all toiletry items in a separate bag will make all of your travels easier. Whether you have to take connecting flights to reach your departure port or you just need a separate bag to pull out of your luggage and leave in your cabin bathroom, having one small bag containing body wash, face wash if you want it, shampoo, conditioner, even a small bottle of shaving cream with a razor, with your toothpaste and toothbrush (capped with a toothbrush lid of course) will make life much simpler.

Travel-sized items

As part of your toiletry bag and simply part of your packing list, you should try to find travel-sized items or trial-size items of the things that you use regularly. If there is a specific body wash that you use, try to purchase that same body wash in the form of a travel-sized version. Keeping this with you will help you to remain packed long before your departure but still use the bottle you have at home the day you leave. This applies to haircare items, even things like makeup and shaving accessories. Moreover, having travel-sized items or trial sizes of the products you love most will decrease the amount of luggage space you dedicate to your daily essentials.


Most cruise cabins lack alarm clocks, so if you want to keep track of time and get an alarm (especially for naps) bring a small clock. Even if your cabin has a view, if your curtains are closed, you won't know what time it is.

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If you are going on a weeklong cruise, you’ll want to make sure you have the right type and the right number of clothes. Nothing is more bothersome than packing a full suitcase or two with clothes that in the end you don't wear, wishing you had brought other items. For both men and women 7-8 pairs of underwear at a minimum are important. 4-5 bras and 2 sports bras for women is ideal, especially for working out. For both men and women it’s important to have 7-8 tops, 3-4 pairs of shorts, 2 pairs of lightweight pants, one outfit for a formal night (if that is part of your itinerary), and perhaps three outfits for more casual events in the evening. Men will need a tie, jacket, and dress shoes for their night out. As far as your footwear is concerned, pack three types of shoes, casual shoes, flip-flops, and a pair of heels for women. If you plan to actively hike, be outdoors, or use the gyms, make sure you pack sneakers or hiking boots.

Seasonal bag

On the note of clothes, it is important that you take a good look at the time you are cruising to a destination. If you plan on taking your cruise in the wintertime, your drawers are probably overflowing with thick socks, extra sweaters, and layers of warm undergarments. But heading out on a cruise might land you in another part of the world where summer and sunlight never seem to end. To make your packing easier, keep a bag of warm weather items including sunscreen, extra sunglasses, perhaps even a bathing suit, water shoes, and any snorkel gear if you use it. Lots of sunscreen is important here, and so is aloe for that one day you end up burned in spite of your SPF efforts. Having an extra set of these items already packed in a small bag limits the amount of purchasing and searching you have to do in your closets the week before you leave. Simply grab the bag and go.

First Aid Kit

Medications are available on board, but they are expensive. Moreover, finding your favorite brands is not always an option in port, so having a small first aid kit on your person can save you a trip for two to the sick bay and the high cost of medications aboard. You don't want to wake up in the middle of the night in need of something simple like a cough drop, Alka-Seltzer, vitamin C, or aspirin and have to travel all the way across the ship.

Water or Bottles

On the note of expensive onboard products, drink prices on cruises are high so it is recommended that you pack bottled water or soda if you prefer a specific brand. Most of the time you can check yours with your luggage and have it delivered right to your cabin. Alternatively bring a reusable water bottle so you can fill it up on board.

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