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An international company with the heart of a startup, we pride ourselves on our friendly, informal, welcoming work environment. Cruisewatch was founded on creative problem solving and smart, accessible innovations, and we look at new challenges as moments of opportunity - for improvement, optimization, learning, or celebration.

Growth is key for us, and since receiving a significant investment fund in 2021, we are ready to expand our team with people who are fun, focused, and creative - just like you!

We are...

Innovative: We are always on the lookout for cleaner, more efficient processes, as well as the best experience for our customers.

Analytical: We turn dreams into realities every day, thanks to a solid foundation of data, research, and synthesized solutions.

Customer Centric: Our customers trust us and we trust them - that’s why we always take their feedback seriously and use it to make Cruisewatch even better.

Vibrant: We love what we do, we take pride in our work, and we celebrate our victories.

Clever: We’re a highly skilled team of driven individuals for whom ‘agile solutions’ is more than a buzzword.

Cheeky: We’re bold about helping customers book their dream cruise, building bridges across barriers to give each person their ultimate vacation.

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