Cruisewatch is solving major pain points for cruisers with artificial intelligence

Cruisewatch Enhances AI-Based Prediction Engine to Solve Major Pain Points for Cruiser

Cruisewatch Solves Major Pain Points for Cruiser with European Funding

Cruisewatch is shaping the future of cruise bookings by implementing AI-based solutions for forecasting price movements, cabin availability, and the perfect match for each individual customer. These new services will change the future of digital cruise consulting, as Cruisewatch can offer data-based and fully individualized and automated services.

The goal of the project is the development of an intelligent and self-learning algorithm that uses data analysis methods to generate multidimensional time-variant patterns in the relation of customer data, cruise profiles and a set of defined results. The data basis for the development of the AI comprises travel, ship and customer data as well as data bundles from other external sources.

The project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

Cruisewatch verbessert KI-basierte Prognose, um Probleme in der Kreuzfahrt-Beratung zu lösen.

Cruisewatch möchte mit KI-basierter Prognose Probleme in der Kreuzfahrt-Beratung lösen

Das Ziel des Projektes ist die Entwicklung eines intelligenten und selbstlernenden Algorithmus, der durch Datenanalyse-Methoden multidimensionale zeitvariante Muster in der Relation von Kundendaten, Kreuzfahrt-Profilen und einer Reihe definierten Ergebnisse erkennt. Die Datengrundlage für die Entwicklung der KI umfasst Reise-, Schiffs- und Kundendaten sowie Datenbündel aus weiteren externen Quellen.

Das Projekt wird mit Mitteln des Europäischen Fonds für regionale Entwicklung gefördert.

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