Make your way through and discover!

Seattle is a great place to explore on foot, particularly if you're in a running mood as it reveals itself like poetry thanks enigmatic architecture and an almost eccentric city plan. But it does pay to know where you're going so you don't get caught in the rain where you don't want to be. It's actually pretty easy to plan an itinerary in Seattle as you simply need to choose the most interesting of the numerous local attractions. But in the end you may find yourself staying in one part of town. The south side, for instance, is the place to head to if you visit during the warmer months of the year. It is known for it's beach and extensive shopping that includes all kinds of boutiques. And history buffs may want to spend most of their time in the historic heart of the city, Pioneer Square Historic District.

A land of learning

The area around the Space Needle is the Seattle center and serves as a meeting place and the setting for all kinds of events that are held throughout the year. It's a very friendly and welcoming place for families in particular who can hopefully catch an exciting festival or fair.

The needle is also a kind of north star for museum enthusiasts as there are all kinds within walking distance of it. Here are just a few-

Asian Art Museum- Situated in an intriguing 1930-s art deco building, it is the best way to learn about Asian culture. It's diverse art exhibits reflect the diverse ethnicities of the city.

Seattle Art Museum (SAM)- This museum has been around since 1933. It is your best bet if you appreciate seeing visual art exhibitions from around the world.

Seattle Children's Museum- Conveniently located in Seattle Center, it's chalked full of games. Different areas with different themes are set up so that the kids can choose their play. It also features comfortable facilities for parents to look over them.

Museum of History and Industry- This is the best place to learn about what drove Seattle's economy and put it on the map.

Explore the northwest!

For Seattle cruises the main destination is Alaska. This is true for a very obvious reason, many prople have never been. Vacation is all about leaving the familiar and forging ahead towards new territories and experiences. North-west cruises promise just that and in turn ensure that your next vacation will be unlike any other before it.

The lush green landscape that accompanies travelers as they make their way up, and down the coast, is awe-inspiring. It changes and mesmerizes, partly because of its grandeur. There's so much to see and leaves one with more questions than answers. So be sure to bring your camera!

Some of the best places to visit are those with the least human encroachment. This rings all too true in place like Canada and Alaska. These are havens for wildlife and deserve our respect, but also our appreciation. So, book your next trip up north and find out what you're missing!

Vacation in style

While Seattle is a great place to visit, cruises offer a floating town that's devoted to your enjoyment and relaxation. Lines like Holland Cruise Lines, founded in 1873, are anything but new to the game. They know what passengers want to experience and provide in the best possible manner. This extends to carefully directed enrichment programs and extensive dining options to appease all tastes.

Like Holland, Princess and Norwegian cruise lines understand the importance of the modern touch. Their ships like the Coral Princess and the Norwegian Breakaway almost look like their straight out of science-fiction. This serves to relieve passengers of any concerns and free to make the most of the Pacific.

With such facilities in mind, it's easy to understand why cruises mainly 6-9 days' duration are so popular. Travelers don't want them to end!

Things you can do in Seattle