New Orleans

New Orleans is considered amongst the most historic cities in the U.S. The city is located on the banks of Mississippi river. The city of New Orleans is nicknamed 'The Crescent City' due to how it winds along the river in a 'C' shape. On May 7, 1718, New Orleans (La Nouvelle-Orleans) was established by the French Mississippi Company. The name New Orleans came from the Duke of Orleans, Philippe d'Orleans, acting King of France at the time for the child Louis XV.

To settle war debts, France gave up control of Louisiana to Spain. The Spanish ruled the colony from 1763 to 1801. Throughout its history, New Orleans relies on its banked levees, both natural and man-made to protect the city from flooding. But Hurricane Katrina brought category 3 winds and a huge tidal surge in 2005, breaking over the levees, causing extensive flooding.

Port of New Orleans' Mississippi Riverfront has converted as a hub of activity after recovering from Hurricane Katrina. Visitors touring New Orleans will explore a city with a lively culture, a mouth-watering Creole cuisine and a rich musical heritage.

A Carnival cruise New Orleans provides you with the best chance to discover the exclusive flavor and charm of the Crescent City. Take a minute to explore the French Quarter - very romantic.

Enjoy the amazing restaurants serving up spicy Creole cuisine in the city. Also relish the vibrant nightlife with incredible nightclubs and a street full of skilled jazz musicians. Enjoy New Orleans' flavor before cruising on one of the cruises out of New Orleans. 


Cheap cruises from New Orleans provides great values with numerous free or almost free attractions, amazing meals for all budgets and tastes and dozens of live music clubs with no cover charge. Some of the places to visit on your cruise to New Orleans include:

  • Jackson Square

Jackson Square is situated at the center of the French Quarter. This is one of the best well-kept historical neighborhoods in United States. Even today, this area has a distinctive French and Spanish personality.

  • Bourbon Street

Bourbon Street is French Quarter's busiest street. It's full of adult clubs, boutiques, bars, hotels, jazz club and restaurants.

You'll also find Jazz Fest and Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Ensure you plan your trip perfectly to join in the festivities.

Facts about port:

New Orleans is one of the busiest cruise ports in America. Adding to its easy access to the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean, the port also access Mississippi's America a la Mark Twain. The proximity to the Gulf of Mexico translates to easy access to cruising destinations including Mexico, Jamaica, Grand Cayman and many more.

Three cruise lines currently offer cruises from New Orleans; Norwegian Cruise Line, Crystal Cruises, and Carnival Cruise Lines.

A cruise from New Orleans is an ideal selection to get away on a cruise holiday. Cruises departing from New Orleans vary from 4 to 7 days and cruise to the western Caribbean. Enjoy the amazing restaurants, great music, southern hospitality, concerts, the river boat, Aquarium, also explore the haunted castle and everglade in the city.

Things you can do in New Orleans