Cozumel, Mexico

Cozumel cruise port is an indication that Mexico can provide island flavor' with Caribbean's best. Even if it's not among the biggest Island, Cozumel gives a big range of things to do, explore, taste and see. This splendid Island hovers atop a coral reef, thus gifting hours of scuba diving or snorkeling fun.

The hottest month in Cozumel Mexico is August with an average temperature of 28 degree C (82 degree F). The coldest month is January with temperature of 24 degree C (75 degree F). September is the wettest month with average rainfall of 247mm. However, August is the best month for visitors to swim in the sea with an average temperature is 29 degree C (84 degree F).


Cozumel cruise docks at the heart of the Island. It's just a few minutes from white sand beach at Chankanaab National Park and San Miguel's seafront shops. Cruise to Cozumel and enjoy non-stop zip line action. You can spend time burying your toes in the sand or explore the ancient discoveries at the nearby Maya ruins. A cruise to Cozumel should be in the bucket list of best holiday vacations. 

Other things to do in Cozumel Mexico include;

  • Oceanside Stroll

The seawall path known as el Malecon, sweeps from north to south on the town's western edge. It therefore offers visitors a good spot to enjoy the ocean breezes. The area near the cruise docks is full of restaurants, nightclubs and shops for tourists. Going further north, you'll find erected statues commemorating local heroes and legendary Mayan figures. You can enjoy open air ride in a calandria, a stroll, or just relax and enjoy the sunset.

  • Heart of Town

The main plaza or zocalo is the heart of the community. The plaza is a gathering spot for families on Sunday afternoons as ice cream vendors hawk their wares and bands play concerts. Only few blocks from port, there's a good spot to relax in the shade of brightly colored flame trees and enjoy the island life. You'll find an artisan's market neighboring the square.

  • Cultural Exploration

Museo de la Isla in Cozumel is a small museum. It's located only three blocks north of the pier and filled with information about the environment and history of the island. Photographs and murals show the daily life and the cultural traditions of the Mayan people.


Cancun Mexico is a popular tourist destination well known for its land-based tourism instead of Cancun cruise tourism. Water in Cancun is not that deep to accommodate cruise ships. Passengers on their cruise to Cancun take a ferry from a neighboring city to Cancun's tender port.

Cozumel Mexico cruise port act as a port of call for mainly cruises on 6-9 days' duration. It's the main route to the Caribbean. The biggest cruise lines are such as: Carnival Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean and Norwegian Cruise Line.

Scuba divers are spoiled for choice on cruises to Cozumel, with a dozen dramatic dives from the Palancar Canyon to the Santa Rosa wall. There are so many activities on your next cruise to Cozumel. They include: swimming with the dolphins at Dolphinaris, snorkel coral reefs, paddle in clear kayaks or enjoy miles of beaches.

Cruises to Cozumel berth at the heart of the island. You'll only take a few minutes from the seafront shops of San Miguel and the white sand beach at Chankanaab National Park.

Things you can do in Cozumel