Barcelona: A gateway to endless coast

Barcelona is a major coastal city that has held a great deal of economic importance because of it's strategic positioning on the mediterranean. This is why it is a great place to start a cruise in order to discover what some of the most beautiful coastlines in the entire globe have to offer the eager traveler.

There are so many cruises from Barcelona that looking through the possibilities will make your head spin. You should really pick carefully as choosing an itinerary may very well feel like a compromise.

One of the best places to learn and refine

Especially since the renaissance, European cities like this one have invested heavily in the arts. It has gotten to the point that it is a source of great pride and tradition for the local people. A great place to start exposing yourself to Barcelonian art is at the national museum of Art de Catalunya. It may feel a bit overwhelming as the collection is comprised of more than a thousand years of art. But one thing will become abundantly clear, the Barcelona art scene is thriving, as always.

One of the biggest artistic influences comes straight from Catalonia by way of the surrealist painter and sculptor, Salvador Dali. Delve into the life to this eccentric figure at his museum which houses a number of works. They're anything but usual and more often than not appear to come straight out of dreams. There's perhaps no better place to expose yourself to Flamenco than Barcelona. You can hear and see it in La Rambla, the main promenade and really sets the tone of a visit. It represents passion and to understand Barcelona you have to understand that.

You may want to establish a shopping budget before your arrive as Barcelona is world renowned for premier shopping. There are a plethora of refined and luxurious shopping areas. Much like Paris designers strive to be on the cutting edge of fashion. There are many place to shop.

Strike a balance between culture and vacation

After spending some time in the refinement capital of Spain, it may be a welcomed treat to hop aboard a floating party. Costa Cruise Lines offer just that with ships like the Costa Diadema that boast a festive Italian vibe. These ships like Royal Caribbean's Freedom of the Seas come complete with various spacious dance floors. You'll quite simply never get bored as there are so many activities going on at any one time.

However, if you want to make sure you go local as much as possible, MSC cruise lines may be just the ticket. They offer what are known as port-intensive itineraries, meaning that mean for you to visit the mainland. After exploring a bit you can try the delicious antipasto at the wine bar and take advantage of the super sized pool-side movie screen to unwind.

A Barcelona cruise is an opportunity to leaf your hair down and give yourself to the free spirit of the sea. For cruises the main destination is Southern Europe, but unofficially it is liberty.

Things you can do in Barcelona