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Baltimore city is situated on the Patapsco River's banks that run into Chesapeake Bay, in central Maryland. In the early 1700s, the region of Baltimore was an epicenter of tobacco farming. A port was erected on the bay to aid export tobacco to Europe. Baltimore started as a small town next to the port, providing the needs of the flourishing trade. The docks used to export other products such as the Caribbean rum and grain from nearby farms. This aided the growth of the town.

For a short while, Baltimore functioned as the capital for United States during the Revolutionary War. This is after a vote by congress to move temporarily from Philadelphia. The civil war encouraged building of ships in Baltimore. Shipyards in Fell's Point built both privateer and trade ships. In 1904, the town was affected by a huge fire that destroyed many buildings. These burnt-out buildings were restored during a busy period of rebuilding. A further redevelopment phase happened in the 1980s with an aspiring plan to redesign the Inner Harbor district.


Today, Baltimore gets many tourists visiting popular places like the following:

  • The Maryland Science Center
  • The Historic Ships Museum
  • The National Aquarium
  • The Baltimore Museum of Industry
  • The American Visionary Art Museum
  • Harborplace shopping center

The port of Baltimore is the US's 8th largest port. It has a coastline that covers more than 23 miles. Enjoy lots of attractions with your next Baltimore cruise.

Some of the attractions to visit are such as;

  • Baltimore Museum of Industry

It displays the history of industry and commerce in Baltimore from the early-19th century.

  • Fort McHenry

It's situated half-a-mile from the cruise terminal. During 1982 war, Americas soldiers based in at Fort McHenry effectively safeguarded the city from attack by British soldiers in a fierce fight.

  • Maryland Science Center

You can see favorite galleries at the Maryland Science Center.  They include dinosaurs, outer space, geology, Chesapeake Bay's blue crab, Newtonian physics and the human body. You'll also find IMAX and planetarium inside the museum.

  • American Visionary Art Museum

This mesmerizing museum is dedicated to the art of the amateur artists, purported of possessing remarkable personal approach.

  • Harborplace shopping center

Every shopaholics dream place with more than 100 stores and 15 food outlets. The central area has some lively street performers playing jazz tunes that will keep you tapping your feet.

  • Historic Ships in Baltimore Museum

The museum is home to the following;

  • Lightship Chesapeake
  • USCGC Taney - Pearl Harbor's last remaining ship
  • USS Torsk - a submarine with over ten thousand dives
  • Seven Foot Knoll Lighthouse - the oldest screw pile lighthouse on the Chesapeake
  • USS Constellation - flagship of the US African squadron in the mid-19th century
  • National Aquarium

At the National Aquarium, you'll discover the underwater world.

The best exhibits include;

  • Acrobatic dolphins
  • A large shark tank
  • Animal planet Australia
  • A stingray pool
  • Fell's Point

Fell's Point houses various yards where privateer ships were built.  The ship building started in the early 19th century when US ships attacked British ships. The cobblestone streets, overcrowded market places and tall period houses remind us of those bygone years.

Facts about Baltimore

Cruises from Baltimore provide a great selection to get away on a cruise holiday. Baltimore cruises varies from 5 to 14 days. They include places such as the Bermuda, Bahamas, Caribbean, New England and Canada. Tourists on a cruise from Baltimore might enjoy a pre or a post cruise package. In addition, they can make the most of the following;

  • Incredible restaurants
  • Numerous magnificent attractions
  • Splendid downtown
  • Inner Harbor area

People residing within a driving distance can relish some last minute cheap cruises from Baltimore.

Cruise Baltimore with the largest cruise lines such as the Royal Caribbean and the Carnival Cruise Line. Popular all-year-round cruises out of Baltimore comprise the Eastern Caribbean and Bahamas. These destinations offer warm favorable weather even throughout winter, with sunshine-filled days and balmy evenings.

Things you can do in Baltimore