Royal Clipper

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Key Facts

Ship Name Royal Clipper
Cruise Line Star Clippers
Cruise Style
Builder De Merwede (Holland)
Entered Service 2000
Registry Luxemburg
Length (ft) 400
Beam (ft) 50
Draft (ft) 20
Tonnage 5061
Passenger Decks 5
Cabins 115
Total Crew 105
Max. Passengers 230
Take one look at the gorgeous five-masted Royal Clipper and you'll be transported by its romance and swashbuckling style - a feeling that continues once on board, thanks to sea-focused activities like kayaking and paddleboarding, or ship-focused lounge areas like the suspended bowsprit net. Zero kids' programs mean this is a cruise ship best enjoyed by adults, though racing across the open ocean powered by the ship's magnificent sails can make you feel like a kid again.


Royal Clipper Key Facts


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