Breathtaking Ocean Views

The Seadream Yacht Club yachts offer a free range of water sports at the Marina. The Fitness Center allows you to workout while enjoying the breathtaking ocean views. When the nights are clear, you can sit on the pool deck and enjoy a movie or a concert, or can try your luck at the casino.

Enjoy your nights in the lounge area by requesting your favorite tunes from the Piano Bar. At the Yacht Bar’s top, you may enjoy the cool breeze along with the sound of a live guitar. The cocktails, champagne, the food everything here is a treat for the taste buds.

Like Owning a Yacht

Apart from giving you the liberty of enjoying your freedom, the Seadream Cruises continues to provide services that make you feel as if you own the yacht. It even provides its passengers with a 1-to-1 crew-to-passenger ratio, ensuring top-notch personalized services. Its award-winning cuisine, pampered evenings and attentive service are what makes this yachting experience different from every other cruise.

Seadream Yacht Club – Best Decision for Couples

The SeaDream Yachts focuses more on couples and adults looking forward to enjoying a social environment of pampering and luxury. Even the beach parties hosted are the elegant version of a college party. You can enjoy different water sports and adult toys, such as Wii consoles to keep you entertained.

Where Your Money is Worth it

The SeaDream Yacht Club consists of mega-yachts, the SeaDream I and the SeaDream II. These twin yachts go to different destinations including the Northern Europe, the Mediterranean, the Black Sea and the Baltic, the Norwegian Fjords, the Caribbean and also some selective voyages to the Amazons as well. These yachts can visit yachting playgrounds and intimate ports and harbors where large ships are unable to go. The cost of the cruise may be a bit pricey, but considering the top-notch services, the luxury and the pampering you receive here, it would be safe to say that the money is worth it.

© SeaDream Yacht Club
SeaDream I
Passengers 112
Crew 95
Build in 1984
Trips available 52
Price drop this week -15%
© SeaDream Yacht Club
SeaDream II
Passengers 112
Crew 95
Build in 1985
Trips available 51
Price drop this week n/a