Allure of the Seas

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Key Facts

Ship Name Allure of the Seas
Cruise Line Royal Caribbean
Cruise Style Couples Family Party
Builder Aker Yards (Finland)
Entered Service 2010
Registry Bahamas
Length (ft) 1080
Beam (ft) 200
Draft (ft) 25
Tonnage 225062
Passenger Decks 16
Cabins 2705
Total Crew 2165
Max. Passengers 5410
Perhaps the most difficult aspect of cruising onboard Allure of the Seas is picking your favorite feature, since it seems to have them all - from 3D movies to zip lines to shopping promenade stocked with designer merch - and while many of the offerings are included, there are plenty of spluge-worthy indulgences as well.


Allure of the Seas Key Facts


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7 Night Western Caribbean (38002)
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