Liberty of the Seas

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Key Facts

Ship Name Liberty of the Seas
Cruise Line Royal Caribbean
Cruise Style Couples Family Party
Builder Kvaerner Masa Yards (Finland)
Entered Service 2007
Registry Bahamas
Length (ft) 1015
Beam (ft) 170
Draft (ft) 25
Tonnage 154407
Passenger Decks 15
Cabins 1815
Total Crew 1395
Max. Passengers 3630
Liberty of the Seas steals the hearts of parents time and again not with their spectacular date night offerings (though those are indeed sublime), but rather with their consistently excellent children's programming, offering age-appropriate activities and a host of colorful characters to keep kids excited and engaged, and parents free to luxuriate in a spa day, a bar visit, or just a well-deserved nap.


Liberty of the Seas Key Facts


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