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Ship Name Prinsendam
Cruise Line Holland America Line
Cruise Style Couples Traditional
Entered Service
Length (ft) 0
Beam (ft) 0
Draft (ft) 0
Passenger Decks
Cabins 0
Total Crew 460
Max. Passengers 740
Designed to explore the remote corners of the world in elegance and style, ms Prinsendam is our most intimate ship. Accommodating just 835 passengers, she gives guests the feel of a classic yacht with the spaciousness of a cruise ship.Prinsendam offers many cozy areas in which to find your favorite spot, most of her staterooms feature commanding ocean views and many have private verandahs.

A special signature sculpture dominates the three-story atrium featuring etched fish, turtles and dolphins climbing a stunning cylinder of Bolle glass and lit with state-of-the-art fiber optics. Other works of art include a remarkable abstract marble sculpture of a Viking ship by contemporary Norwegian artist Nicholas Widerberg, a series of paintings by impressionist painter Neil Pinkett, and an outstanding collection of Roman Amphorae from 50 - 150 AD. Prinsendam, or "Princes" ship, is truly a classic ship worthy of her name.

Treat yourself to a Grand Voyage aboard the very special Prinsendam and circumnavigate South America, or sail the Mediterranean, visiting iconic cities throughout Europe and the Black Sea, or indulge in the tranquility of the Caribbean.


Prinsendam Key Facts


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