ntimate Yet Spacious, With Complimentary Extras

Four of Crystal River Cruises’ five luxury vessels cap their passenger capacities at just 110 cruisers, offering a signature intimacy for which the line has been consistently praised. Crystal Mozart, launched in 2016, is currently the largest river cruise ship in Europe, with a width double that of its fleet sisters. Because of the increased berth, Crystal Mozart sails the Danube exclusively.

Entertainment options on all five Crystal River Cruise ships focus on fine dining inspired by regional flavors, edutainment presentations by local experts, and culturally immersive shore excursions. Electronic bikes, kayaks, and other equipment is available to adventurous passengers for free.

Oversize Cabins Offer Plenty of Room to Relax

Lower passenger capacities and spacious cabin designs mean passengers onboard a Crystal River Cruise have plenty of room to spread out. King-size beds, walk-in closets, multiple onboard restaurants, and indoor pools infuse Crystal River Cruises with sophistication and luxury. Personalized service and fine dining options also help create the perfect blend of comfort and immersion.

For Couples and Singles Looking for Elegance

Crystal River Cruises tend to attract an older, cosmopolitan clientele of couples and solo travelers. While there may be some first-time cruisers on board, the majority of fellow passengers are likely to be experienced cruisers with the time, means, and expectations for luxury travel.

Explore Europe’s River Ports in Style

Crystal River Cruises’ five luxury ships boast spacious suites and stellar service. These larger-than-average cabins and extra amenities come at luxury prices, and cater to the well-heeled older demographic. Crystal Mozart sails the Danube exclusively, while Crystal Bach, Crystal Mahler, Crystal Ravel, and Crystal Debussy sail the Rhine, Main, and Danube rivers.