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We are travel experts, and we invented the first cruise price prediction with
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Our advice is backed by over half a decade of research on 200 million prices, and the pioneering power of our modern self-learning, artificial-intelligence price prediction program.
Plus, we focus on the consumer, rather than the cruise line, so you know you always have an expert in your corner.

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Get a personalized introduction to the cruise of your dreams based on our real experiences, and those of 200,000 others.
We base our quality rating on a blend of customer reviews, hard facts, and precise pricing to give you personal favorites and 'Best Deals.'
Value, luxury, comfort, location -- whatever your standard, we'll help you find your perfect matching cruise.

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Timing is everything, which is why we constantly monitor the market across over 30 cruiselines and 25,000 cruises every day to find you the best prices and deals available.
Take advantage of our lightning-fast reflexes with customized alerts for price drops on your favorite cruise line or ship -- totally free!

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