Cruise Reviews: What the Quality Score Does for You


The Quality Score represents the quality of the ship’s facilities (hardware) and service (software), compiled from customer cruise reviews.

We have all paid for events that seemed incredible on paper but were underwhelming when we actually experienced them. The restaurant was great, the food was delicious, and the decor was lovely—but still, something was missing. It could be the personal atmosphere, the small talk with the waitstaff, or even the smile of the employees. Usually, our satisfaction has more to do with an event’s software rather than its hardware: we tend to need good service more than nice facilities.

This is difficult to measure. You can’t just take a quick look in the window of a restaurant and get a sense for how friendly the servers are. And you can’t just look at a brochure to find out how you will be taken care of on your cruise. Luckily, we have just the tools and knowledge required to measure these things.

How Is the Quality Score Measured?

The Quality Score is a unique indicator that assigns a one- to five-star rating to ships. We award five stars to ships with outsanding facilities (hardware) and service (software). We compile the score based on our knowledge of ships and a database of more than 200,000 customer ratings.

You can trust our Quality Score to lead you to a great experience. We never give a high ranking to a ship with great facilities but bad service. Only ships that offer the best of both get a perfect score.


What Are the Best Ranked Ships, and What Is the Proportion Across All Ships?

Here are the ships that receive the top 10 ranking according to our Quality Score. You can also follow this LINK for real-time updates.

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Here is the rough proportion of ratings awarded for about 150 customer-rated ships on our webpage:

5 stars: 3,500 ships or #%

4 stars: 6,900 ships or #%

3 stars: 4,900 ships or #%

2 stars: 6,500 ships or #%

1 star: # ships or #%



Filtering the Quality Score

Did you know that you can filter the Quality Score in our Cruise Search (Link) on the lefthand side?

Cruise Reviews and Quality Score: Screenshot

How to filter the Quality Score in our Cruise Search


Try it out to get an overview of the highest quality ranked ships!


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