How our Cruise Price Prediction will Help You

We love to use and analyze our big data to create features that are helpful to our customers. Our latest innovation is our unique Cruise Price Prediction.

If you’ve ever looked at the historical pricing for a cruise trip, you probably wished you could also see the price’s future movements. We have recently developed a feature that does just that and integrated it right into our webpage!


How Does the Cruise Price Prediction Work?

Our newly invented prediction system is founded on our unique data history collected over the previous years. We know all of the historical prices for all room types and this gives us a good understanding of the pricing mechanisms of cruise lines.

We use our extensive database to fill our neural network with comprehensive data and train it on a regular basis. All of the data we add and every training increases our prediction’s confidence. Our current confidence averages 80%. This means that our predictions are accurate in 80% of cases, which is a tremendous value.

We can almost always give you an indication of whether the price will go up (we predict you should “book now“) or down (“wait“). If the prediction is unsure, we will never mislead you. We simply won’t show any prediction until the confidence increases.

We predict prices on a trip level and also aggregate the information for a selected choice of cruise trips.


Where Can I Find the Cruise Price Prediction?

The left side of your screen will have filter criteria, and on top of the cruise results you will see the box with our predicted results. In this example, the green box indicates that price drops are expected and we recommend the customer waits.

In our cruise result, you will get the aggregated information for all filtered trips and the information for every single trip (as you can see in the two results shown for Celebrity Constellation).


What to Do if I want to Book a special Cabin Category?

If you’re keen to book a special cabin category, our prediction recommends you to wait and you’re not flexible to book another cabin type, we strongly advise you to book your preferred category right now and activate a category alert. If prices will drop below your booked price, you can contact your cruise line and get the difference e.g. as an onboard credit. This works normally.


Who Can I Use the Cruise Price Prediction? Is It Free of Charge?

We offer prediction service without any charge. Everybody can use it. You only have to become a registered user. This is entirely risk-free and only takes 2-3 minutes. We will never sell your data and we guarantee that you won’t need to pay for anything.

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