Cruise Price Drops: How to Save when Booking a Cruise


Cruise prices change a lot. Every day of the week there are multiple hundred drops as well as price increases. We give you an overview of all cruise price drops during the last 24 hours or 7 days so you can compare these deals with their original prices. You will have all the up-to-date information you need to make the best decision possible. You will never miss a deal again!


Why Do Prices Change So Often?

Cruise prices change frequently because cruise companies aim for very high occupancy on their ships. When departure time nears, these companies start selling off their unbooked rooms at discount prices, sometimes knocking the original price down by as much as 90%!

Filling ship during the less popular cruising months is a challenge. The prices they offer during those times are very attractive. Are your holiday plans flexible? Then use that opportunity to book an affordable cruise!


How Do I Get the Cruise Price Drop Information?

Simply click ‘‘Price Drops“ at the top of our homepage and start filtering cruise ships according to your needs. You will have the option to filter for price drops over the last 24 hours or the last 7 days. The trips with the highest absolute price drop will be ranked at the top.

You can combine more than 10 criteria to customize your perfect cruise trip and get it at the right price. You can search for example according to budget, duration, cruise type, preferred ports, and all of the relevant trips will be displayed in less than a second!


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Stay Up-to-date on Cruise Price Drops with Our Alert Functions!

We offer a next generation alert service. Not only can you choose your relevant set of cruise trips according to your preferred criteria, but you also decide how often and for what reason we send you an alert. Click on this link to review your options and join myCruisewatch.

With our comprehensive data and your customized alerts, you will never miss a good deal no matter how busy you are. Join now and you will be on your way to booking your next cruise!

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