How the Best Cruise Deals Sign Can Help You Save


The Best Cruise Deals sign marks an outstanding ratio of quality and price. It also includes a benchmark to other ships. The sign lets you rest assured that you have found a great deal in the cruise market!


How Does the Best Cruise Deals Sign Work?

We begin our Best Cruise Deals assessment by using our own unique data to measure the ship‘s Quality Score. We take into account both the on-board facilities (the hardware) and the service provided (the software). For more details, click here.

We then compare the Quality Score against the price and evaluate this in relation to all available cruise ships. We call this Value. It tells you what the money you spend can buy on the industry-wide market.

We only honor ships with our Best Cruise Deals sign if they rank in the top 20% for Value.


Our Purpose

It’s important to us that we give our customers transparency. That’s why we use our unique big data method and give you active recommendations. We want to do more than just provide you with all the raw data. We exist to educate our customers to help them make informed, knowledgeable decisions.

We want to give every single one of our customers the opportunity to book the best deal available.


Here’s an example to give you a better idea of what we do:

One cruise ship has a 5-star Quality Score and delivers really great service to the customer. The downside is that it has a really high price. Even though it’s a fantastic ship, the cost means that we only award it an average Value.

Another 5-star ship offers the same quality service but at a fraction of the price. Because of its great balance between quality and cost, we give it a very high Value score.

These are both ships of exceptional quality, but only the second gets our Best Cruise Deals sign. Both ships will offer a great experience, but we want to make sure you get the best deal on that experience.

Here are the 5 Best Cruise Deals in our current portfolio to give you an idea of the balance between price and quality:


Where Is the Best Cruise Deals Information Displayed?

We display our Best Cruise Deals information in two places:

  • In the results of our “Find Your Cruise” search, at the top of the right-hand corner of the page:
Best Cruise Deals Sign: Screenshot

Best Cruise Deals Sign in red within Find you Cruise search

  • In our Trip Details, under “Summary” or “Price History & Analysis.” Here, we also list the Exceptional Deals, which are the deals that rank in the top 5%:
Exceptional Deal Sign: Screenshot

Exceptional Deal sign marked in red

The Value for the Customer

By letting us work for you, you save yourself the trouble of calculating and assessing all of your available options. The Best Cruise Deal sign gives you an industry-wide standard for making simple, worry-free decisions: just look for the sign and book your cruise!


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